Mushrooms of the Day


What’s the top one?


Pretty pics! Are you a photographer by chance?

@yyy probably wood ear fruits gone old.

Don’t know, it’s taken in Belgium.

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I’m a bit of everything. But yeah photographer, baker, restaurateur …

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Very cool. I reckon a belgian baker in taiwan is wirth ther weight in gold!

@yyy i withdraw my stupid wood ear guess with the new pics, clearly not.

Last week around Bitan



That is a VERY cool picture!

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I’ve seen quite a few mushrooms these days in the mountains. I really want to cook them all, but for obvious reasons I haven’t dared yet. I wish I could get some tips on what to collect and eat.

You can use this to test for the magic kind…

Nah… not really looking forward to getting high just now. Incidentally an excoworker recommended me to do this to figure out things these days. :roll_eyes:

post here: https://m.facebook .com/groups/551970322100576?group_view_referrer=search

use that for a start then do lots of reading. For many species, take spore prints and check with the microscope until you are 150% confident. If someone says they see if bugs are eating them, then they’re safe. Never eat at their place .

Known edibles are somewhat easy, like wood ear here. But fungi in generally are very poorly understood and even more poorly described. Be careful, and never feed others with stuff you arent a pro at :crazy_face:

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Give me a list!!!

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It’s the known inedibles that one needs to be supremely confident about, surely.


I know that stinky, rotting dick looking mushroom is edible after cooking it thoroughly. Not sure if I want though.

Wanna come camping with me and eat something I give you?

Anyway, no those rotten smelling ones follow the “bugs eat it, its safe” realm. dont do it. here is one that is common in Taiwan, in pin stage.

I am responsible enough to know I am not qualified to truly identify obscure, often un documented, species. this is why I never give identification tips on fungi . even if I think I know, it isnt worth killing someone. Even a species I am 100% on, you cannot tell he environment. there are things like bacteria, other fungi and parasites on wild picked mushrooms. so for liability reasons, and because I dont want to give someone confidence in something I myself am extremely unconfident about, sorry.

Plus everyone’s perspective is off. when people give advice of “it bruises blue”, steer clear of them. they get people hospitalized often. even some people here end up with fungal poisoning annually.

When it comes to.fungi, a large dose of humble is required. We (humans) arent as intelligent as.we like to think we are :slight_smile: be careful.

start with wood ear, learn the contamination issues possible with them and go from there perhaps :slight_smile:

as an aside, if I dont pick it myself/be with the person picking it I wont knowingly eat fungi fruit that isnt farmed. it is a hard line for me personally.