Mushrooms of the Day


Oh my. Have you repressed more than just your essays? :hushed:


It’s a “pine” area. Probably nor many real pines, but things that look similar.

Didn’t take them home, but they would look nice on noodles.


nothing special, but mushrooms.


Those are “Chinese medicine”



They look edible


If the white one is Agaricus campestris, it is edible (not poisonous).

Oops, I didn’t upload white mushrooms.


Calvatia lilacina 紫色禿馬勃



Looks a bit like honey mushroom or deadly galerina.
And apparently enoki.


That sounds like a crucial differentiation


It certainly is crucial.

Seeing those little brown spots on the cap I instantly thought of the hairs on the honey mushroom. Hard to tell from the photo though.


Man do I want to eat all those wild mushrooms… yet I still know it’s not a good idea because I have no idea about what’s poisonous and what’s not.


I heard the white big mushrooms I posted ( 紫色禿馬勃 Calvatia lilacina) are edible.

In Chinese


I think psilocybe cubensis is not unfamiliar to this guy.



I checked the mashroom place today, and found they have become smaller than before.



Hmm… sure those aren’t new fruitings? Maybe someone harvested the others. Looks like less of them are there.

If there is major rainfall it can sort of dissolve away the mushrooms in some cases.


where is it?


That one is in NTU campus. Now I can tell the exact point, but don’t know how to put a mark on a Google map.


For those not experienced always remember to go off not just pictures, spore prints and a microscope go a long way. People die from listening to advice on edibility.

Lately we are harvesting lots of Reishi mushroom, it’s the season for fungi.

After looking for years I finally found my first glowing Mycena this year in Hualien. It’s everything you’d expect and more. Made my year. Really amazing to see, and it was firefly season. bioluminesence is a real sight to behold.