Mushrooms of the Day


Saw them on at least two trees.


I have seen glow in the dark mushrooms in Australia and even sampled it with no ill effects (not recommended of course ). At the time I had no idea such a thing even existed!

In Taiwan they grow on rotten bamboo.

I’ve also eaten magic mushrooms. Holy shit is all I can say about that.


I don’t know what it is, but the first non-commercial mushroom I found after created this thread.


So I saw that last Friday when looking for snakes. No idea if it’s edible or not.


Looks a little like a Coprinus species.



Those last two are really cool.


I would really like to know more about these things so that I could pick and eat some wild mushrooms. It’s a bit like when I go to the zoo: it makes me feel hungry.


I think people will identify for you.

The book Mushrooms Demystified by David Aurora is a great resource. So far i haven’t seen it available in taiwan.


Well, I guess I would go with a book about local mushrooms.





Where did you find them?


Can’t tell you the exact point, but somewhere around here:

Edit: I really wanted to bite them!

Less obvious places to visit in Taiwan?

Really curious as to what they are, look a bit like a stinkhorn.

what substrate are they growing in?
I see a net, re-bar, and the white stuff looks like lots of mycelium. some kind of agricultural/industrial setting?


No, it’s just a trail in a “high mountain” forest. The plastic mesh is for compacting the soil and preventing it from being washed away into a snall ditch that was beside it. I think there was moss around.


It takes more than 1 day from taipei, but I add the trail to my to go list.


Dunno how you would go, but it’s possible to do it in one day. Tiring, but possible.




regarding edibles, look for a pines/conifers area for some possibilities, the mycorrhizal relationship. elevation might help.
Also dead trees for oysters.
Hardwoods are often barren.