Must read on the prospects of an invasion by the PRC

Shut down all cell phone capability for 2 days and the people would capitulate.


They already own Taiwan financially. They have a choke hold and all they have to do is squeeze. Taiwan will roll over and cry uncle. I give it another 10 years tops for it to play out.

There will be no invasion. They don’t need one.


China conquered two countries after the commies took over and no one gave a shit then or now.

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Hence southbound policy.

Blockade Taiwan and you’ll disrupt the entire SE Asian economy.

Exactly. Not even in Taiwan, which is more dangerous.

One of my coworkers is excited to visit India. She wants to visit Dharamasala, see the Dalai Lama. She does not understand why there is a bit more paperwork for the area. Did not know that Indians and Chinese are still throwing shots are each other or why.

Bit of a difference between ‘conquering’ and nuking though.

P.S. The US has invaded about ten countries in the same time period.

Taiwan needs, what, 4 nukes? 2 for Taipei, and one for Taoyuan and Kaohsiung.

they don’t need to actually occupy the land, just put it on their map . who cares about actually invading it.

How’s that different from the current situation?

well, for one, they haven’t dropped any nukes on Taipei yet.

Ok you meant, nuke it then put it on their map. All I’m saying, it’s already on their map anyway.

Why would you risk losing the whole mainland over a small island? They would try to manipulate Taiwan from the inside out, not through military tactics. Imho

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I somewhat agree with the article. The low confidence in taiwan and bowing down to china needs to stop. China isn’t all powerful either, xi is the biggest ego maniac since mao. He infact has put himself on maos level several times. All his world conquering attempts are only going to destabilise the country.


To be honest, I think it’s about defence. Wendover Productions on Youtube said it best Click Here. If you look closely, while China isn’t a landlocked country, they’re completely walled in by a US-friendly Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Philippines (outside of Duterte). Taiwan has that special thing that China doesn’t have, unfettered access to the ocean of which to project power. China could have compromised with its neighbours and would have had military bases on places like Thailand and The Philippines with unfettered access to the ocean, but they squandered that because it would cause the CCP to lose face by “separating China” by giving up some of the Spratlys. Taiwan for the CCP in their eyes is the only reliable place to have full access to the ocean. If they have sovereignty over Taiwan, they will certainly be a lot closer to the US in terms of power. I bet that’s the only reason why China even keeps North Korea alive is because they would otherwise have the US at China’s doorstep.

If it happens, it will be done through computers, trade and mind games. No say they are making a land jnvasion happen, its not 50 years ago. If they were ever to go physical wouldnt the air be the obvious favorite. But not needed, digital age and all…

Wars cost money. China is hat in hand visiting western countries seeking investment in their B&R scheme. They’d be silly to jeapardize this.
Their best troops are in Xinjiang and on the borders with their land based neighbours.
Their Kenya port is a valuable, yet vulnerable, asset.
Taiwan needs a ‘To Catch a Predator’ style TV program to warn those with the naivete to not know better.

U.S. flies bombers over South China Sea amid heightened tensions with Beijing

Sleep peacefully, Taiwan.

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Indeed. they can cut off Taiwan from the world by just sending a submarine to cut our Internet.

Without wifi, no one can hear you scream for help…


They wouldn’t dare…!

I am warming up a little to Chinese invasion forces :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: