Mute/Unmute topics

I found out there I have many topics set to mute, but I don’t remember muting them.
Is there anyway to “unmute” them all at once or do I have to do it one by one?
When I say many, I really mean many many many!

First, is it possible those forums are muted in your Preferences/Categories page?

I don’t know if I got what you mean…
There’s nothing in that page:

Why would you want to unmute something you’ve muted?

*Shudders *

Because I didn’t.
Not on purpose, at least. :laughing:

You should see windows below that say “watched” “tracked” “watching first post” and “muted”.

Well, a new page with a long list of muted topics comes up if I click on “show” next to “muted”.
It’s that what you mean?

You’re a step ahead of me! If there were any forums shown in the “muted” window then all posts in them will be muted. But that’s your list of muted topics, yes. I don’t think there’s anyway to batch-operate on them unfortunately.

The list is long, and I have no idea how those topics got muted.
I don’t even remember visiting some at all! :runaway:

Not sure why that would happen. I took a look at your list, but I can’t batch change them either. They mostly seem inactive

That why I was logged off?

Yeah, didn’t realize that would happen actually. I was you for a moment so makes sense

So this means I was you for a moment too?
No wonder I suddenly felt a rush of power and almightiness!
Either that or I need to go to bathroom asap…


Back to topic…

So, it seems I have no choice but to change one by one, correct?

Yeah. It wouldn’t be a problem, but some users are resurrecting lots of old threads nowadays… (I’m looking at you, @shiadoa and @marasan)


I think so. Wish it wasn’t that way.


I didn’t know this bothered people. As for muting, I’ve never muted a thread before. I ignore many, though. Maybe I’ll mute this one, though, because the threads I dislike the most are discussions about what we are discussing, etc. Lame.

I’m not complaining about the resurrection of old threads.
That’s why I want to unmute even the inactive ones. :wink:

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Wait, what…you can assume the identity of other posters?


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Oh, excuse my momentary lapse into asshole territory.