My cat seems nervous and behaves weird

Hello, I’m a bit worried because my cat looks nervous today and I can’t see the reason. He’s like uneasy all the time, and sometimes he even looks at me like if he were asking for help.

He walks up and down the apartment and mews long.

He’s been eating and drinking normal, it can’t be that.

Any insights?

God damn it, he’s meowing a lot, like crazy!

Any nearby veterinarians open on Saturday? I’d drop in. Could be something small or big. But really hard to tell from the description here, especially if the cat is eating normally.

Dammit Mad, I want to write something sarcastic and mean but, I don’t know if you are serious.

It must be serious!

Do cats have hallucinations? He opens wide the ears, stares at something like in horror, puts down the ears and then hides. Has done it twice, now he’s meowing and under the bed. Wtf.

Your cat might be sensing an earthquake coming.


I don’t think cats can sense that and it would be the first time he does it anyway.

Can cats have fever? Can you just touch their furry forehead and tell how hot it is? O_o

Dont know man I don’t even have a cat.

It might be a particularly big quake within the next 72 hours…

Only serious advices, thanks.

Yeah, 3 cat owner here.
Go to a vet and have the internals checked, probably by x-ray if they cant feel anything.
If it is not the hormons playing up at this time of the year, there must be something wrong.

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He was quiet for a while and now he’s nervous again. Some noise perhaps?

Just take him to a vet. Or at least consult an animal care forum. You’re not going to get a proper diagnosis here.


He maybe ate something laying around on the floor somewhere that makes him feel upset. Maybe even a strange bug. Or long ago dried up bug spray in the corner. check around everywhere for clues.

UBest to have a vet look at him do some tests

Or there may be some workers banging about nearby. Makes my cat very nervous

Touch between the legs, under the thigh.

He could have eaten something He should not.

My pets cry horribly if their water bowls are empty/ with old water. Also check the litter box.

Finally, something like a mean spider of centipede could have gotten in the house. Or there is a quake/fire/thief in the vicinity.

Ok, forget it guys, I know what it was

Spider? Roach? Your socks?