My fantastic new quiz with 3rd round of questions!

What is the theme here? What are the answers? I’ve taken trivia from the world of rock, pop and the silver screen

  1. Paul Simon dispenses with the formalities in 1986 [color=#BF0000]Correct taffy[/color]
  2. Starred in The Great Gattsby and Shane? [color=#BF0000]Correct housecat[/color]
  3. Canned Heat’s “Blind Owl”’s real name [color=#BF0000]Correct housecat[/color]
  4. He starred in MASH and has an odd voice[color=#BF0000]Correct Deuce Dropper. pipping housecat by a few seconds [/color]
  5. A fantastic playwright who wrote Talking Heads?[color=#BF0000]Correct taffy[/color]
  6. The name of John McClane’s rotund African-American cop sidekick in the first Die Hard film[color=#BF0000]Correct divea[/color]
  7. She’s plug-ugly, once played God in a film and is unfortunately “Canadian” [color=#BF0000]Correct housecat[/color]
  8. He went into cockernee rhyming slang folklore as a way of referring to ladies underwear[color=#BF0000]Correct irishstu who just beat housecat[/color]
  9. Pretty posh British actor who pretty much plays the same role every time, usually a villain[color=#BF0000]Correct zender[/color]
  10. He has a band whose name had the piss taken out of it in both Austin Powers 2 and The Simpsons (roughly the same joke).[color=#BF0000]Correct scomargo[/color]

lets see who wins the themed prize!

  1. Anthony Hopkins?
  1. Alanis Morissette (But she’s not pug ugly, come on. I don’t like to watch her sing, though. She seems to have flip-top head.)

housecat :bravo:

zender: not right. Cheer up little one, I know how hard you try. jia you!

I don’t know all the answers; but the theme appears to be Als (Al, Alan, Alanis, etc.).

Well done cranky!

now for the other answers

  1. Call me Al
  2. Alan Bennett
  1. Alan Rickman?

Do I get a B+ for trying? :ponder:

I’m an American!

Well done to you all, including zender who gets an A for determination!

  1. Alan Ladd

  2. Alan Wilson

Good one, just 5 to go

4-Alan Alda

  1. Alan Alda

I’ll have to give that one to DD

  1. Alan Wilson no correct?

I missed that one earlier :blush:

Yep Alan Wilson original vocalist with Canned Heat

Al Powell?

Al Powell?[/quote]

Blimey! Divea sneaks in there with a difficult one :bravo:

Al Powell?[/quote]

Blimey! Divea sneaks in there with a difficult one :bravo:[/quote]
heheheh well I am at my sharpest after my return from the vegetable market :bow: :smiley:

So many band names to make fun of. Which one has an Al . . . . hmmm.