My Taiwanese wife says she can push me to divorce her by getting pregnant by another man

She told me she can divorce me whenever she wants by using this trick (getting pregnant by another man). I guess she searched chinese websites for this. Is it really doable? Obviously, if she gets pregnant, I will prove that I am not the biological father. But once I proved it, does this mean that the marriage is also ended? I just don’t want to take the responsibility of that kid, without having to sign the divorce papers.

btw, so far, we don’t have any kids

Not exactly. It gives you the grounds to divorce her if she does that.

Honestly, if you’re having this sort of conversation, it sounds like things are heading in the wrong direction already - and in Taiwan you don’t actually need to have any grounds for divorce if both parties agree.


This is all you need know. if you fight it is up to you.

The hell? Go get a divorce today. Toxic ass wife there, buddy.


Are you two arguing a lot recently? Have you tried visiting a marriage counselor? No kids means no worries about custody issues. If she being a pain in the ass more than before, get out while you can. You’ll both be happier for it in the long run.


Is a JFRV really that important to you? Where do you not want to go back to that you’d be willing to hang to a f’ing douchebag that has that kind of mindset?

Well hold on, he hasn’t mentioned anything about visas or ARCs.

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Ya, you’re right. I’m reading too far into why a guy would f’ing get himself into a conversation with his wife that resulted in, “If you don’t divorce me, I’ll :happyrunningaround: some other dude and get knocked up to FORCE YOU TO :happyrunningaround: OFF!”. My bad.


Don’t worry, the relevant websites on this topic are Taiwanese, not Chinese


Good… and I don’t want to divorce her, at least for the time being. But I wonder what would happen to that kid (from other biological father) during the time our marriage is still valid

I’m not sure how important it is… but I can get APRC after a year. so it might worth it to continue this marriage at least up to that point


Then I think you should negotiate with her and say you’ll sign the papers in one year. You can agree she is free to do whatever she wants during the time up till then.

The APRC is important and is more freedom.


Get a lawyer. Like yesterday.

Hide your passport, IDs, bank books. Have a stash of money for emergency somewhere safe. Clothes and valuables too. Again, yesterday.

Build up support. Emotional support. A circle of friends. Do not isolate yourself.

Inform yourself of your rights. Do not ask locals.

It is easy as pie to divorce. You can go to 711, buy a divorce contract and sign, file and it’s over. All you have to do is agree. Hence, if she wants to force your hand or threatens to force your hand, it is manipulation, psychological torture.

Remember that after you sign, you lose all rights. If it is not written in the divorce contract, it does not exist.

That said, depending on her connections and desire, she can make your life a living hell. We are talking accusing you of abuse or battery, robbery, etc. So, at this point, under no circumstances go to bed with your wife “for old times sake…to rebuild our relationship”. It’s a trap.

Regarding your visa, yep, it is a tough one. If you have a job that can give you a work visa, you may stand a chance, though under current pandemic circumstances it is not certain. And if you do not have a visa, you cannot stay and fight for your rights. So do not sign anything UNTIL you are set, meaning you have your visa issue covered. For starters.


Good advice for sure.

If needed, I recommend mine. He speaks English rather well.

All this good advice too.


Thank you for all good advices… I’ll contact a lawyer after some more months. I have one more question: at the time of marriage, we didn’t sign any paper on how to split our money in case of divorce, so I think the default law will apply to us… Where can I learn more about this default law in Taiwan (any website)? In particular, according to this default law, do I need to give 50% of my savings in bank to her? My salary is more than her, and I’m good at saving money, whereas she spends her money to buy anything she likes. she literally has little savings in her bank accounts

Dude, my response to Marco was crass AF, but you know it’s true. Heed Icon’s advice and contact Marco’s lawyer buddy. Next time, date an older gal.

@wandering_spirit maybe rent a storage locker for your bugout gear and a safe deposit box at your bank for your passport, cash, and any expensive jewelry you may own.


Am i wrong or doesnt her getting knocked up while married to you provide proof SHE is cheaing. That gives you freedom to divorce her at any time. What a wonderful irony if taiwan also allowed her cheating to all her to force divorce. Thats a, lawyer quetsion. Seems unlikely, but wouldnt be surprising.

Because you know she is clearly aselfish btch, document everything and SAVE it somewhere safe. Both digital and printed forms. You wont regret it in the future! Dont become “that” statistic.

Wouldn’t have it any other way. :grin:

If she decides to get knocked up, She gets nothing! Perfect for you! She wants out? She gets NOTHING! Let her do irreparable change/damage to her life.

Good bloody riddance!

In fact, she wants out, she has to basically bribe you to get out.