My wife wants a Christmas present


I’m sure she has a nice tv. Get some nice clothing from “lulu lemon” ( it’s very expensive and high quality yoga stuff)it’s popular with Taiwanese women that like yoga. They have a store in dunhua or if u don’t want to bother to go u can order online


Or some accessories for yoga. Perhaps something she doesn’t think it’s necessary, but wouldn’t mind to have it.

I don’t think it has to be expensive, better to be useful…


Spending 100k NTD on an Xmas present doesn’t make much sense to me either. :man_shrugging: May I suggest removing a zero from that price? Then you might hear suggestions of more practical gifts.


Please, don’t insult me, I’m an old bag, it was just a suggestion.


What doesn’t she already have?


She doesn’t have some @BiggusDickus


In my opinion she has all she needs, and I know she reads this thread so keep it civil :slight_smile:


So, if you get your answer here, she will know what you’ll get for her?
It even worst, she knows that you are asking for advices from completely internet strangers who knows nothing about her?


Removing a 0 would be awesome, I also think it does not make any sense,

But, I guess it all comes down to normal spend and 100k twd is not that much

But having said the above, f it should be less


I think going on a little vacation is better than getting stuff. Plus you can enjoy it together. Or you could send her to the spa, let her get a massage and all that.


Yeah, you could buy her 10 massages from villa like spa. Andrew is always talking about how good they are


Yeah they have pretty good deals, too. You can get her a little coupon book of the different massages and treatments they offer, and she can just go whenever.


You know what I want for Christmas


I suggest a Dyson vacuum machine. I’m sure you can find one that’ll set you back a few $ grand, and it’s imminently sensible - or will seem so right up until she whacks you over the head with it. :grin:


I really want one. It’s nice to have really clean floors when you don’t wear shoes in the house. I hate having dirt and crumbs on my feet.


We’ll see about that. A man purse might be the one


There you go, @_Lilith. If you didn’t have ideas about gifts for Andrew before now, you’re welcome. I just hope he understands who’ll be operating it in the future (not you). :grin:


Hahaha well, I rather get us something we can both use :joy: Sadly we’re not in taiwan long enough to be able to take advantage of 10 massage sessions. But for Andrew food is ALWAYS the answer


I’ll build you two gaming computers. Get your Fortnite on!


The best gift I ever got for anyone was a yearlong subscription to a monthly box of different art supplies to try out and to play with. He’s an artist so he loved it. There are all kinds of monthly boxes for different hobbies, makeup/skincare, and clothes now, and it’s really fun because it’s literally a gift that keeps on giving. But I’m not sure how much it would run you to get something like that shipped to Taiwan…