Nancy Pelosi's Progressively Worse Thread

OK, I think she’s awful, but even the awful have their VERY OWN threads.

From shredding a SOTU speech behind Trump’s back and clapping like a maniac, to taking a knee, to shielding her mega rich drunk of a hubster from the prying eyes of the general populace for maybe injuring someone who was maybe in his car, to showing off her $15,000 fridge and her expensive ice cream during the pandemic lockdown, I give you

Fancy Nancy Pelosi, GOP n00b child elbower:

Classy. She and Biden, the child nipple twister, are really something else when it comes to dealing with the underclass. :smoker:


Little brat deserved it…trying to steal Nancy Antoinette’s thunder. :sweat_smile:


Well, how dare her mom, the first Mexican born member of Congress I’m told, how DARE she join the GOP and not the slop of the DNC?

What’s the Hispanic version of an Uncle Tom? I’m sure the Democrats will let us know soon enough. Latinixed?

I’m sure they’ll find one.

Thread title needs a little pizzaz, don’t you think ?

I couldn’t fit all the sweary words on the internet.

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She learns all her manners from The Trumptard.

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Oh my god, you are too much. Video of Pelosi, arguably the most powerful woman in US history, elbowing a child over instead of simply talking to her, and you fixate on Trump swinging his dick around the G7? :roll_eyes:

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I think we need to have age restrictions. It’s time to retire at 80.

Oh my God. I sense I touched on a nerve here. Oooops. My bad.

Not at all. You think because you post something stupid, I get upset? Quick, go tweet something. Scare up a like somewhere. :laughing:

Oh my God. I think I’ve touched on a nerve here. Oooops, my bad.

Get your thumb out of your ass then.

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U so funny.

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You see. You got your like, now you can go away thinking you’re right.

Seeing how she’s older, maybe the other way around?

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That move worked it’s way into a comedy sketch, I thought pretty funny at the time, prompted at 3.22 but the whole sketch is worth watching.

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What do you think about a ‘Nasty’ at the front of the thread title?