Nancy Pelosi's Progressively Worse Thread

And jinx Nasty Nestor? Never!

I’d rather make the thread more inviting to the loyal opposition here in Flobovia. So, bland it is.

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She must be wracked with guilt.

I live the new title :heart:

I come here for boobs and there are no boobs to be had. Like, WTF?

This needs to be rectified immediately:


Oh, sweet Jesus…


Yeah, I thought it was going to be something about Nancy Pelosi getting her tits out on live TV. I’m disappointed.

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Not bad actually considering her advanced age.


I think our resident expert on udders probably has slightly different criteria to the rest of us …

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I can only dream of having tits like that at her age.


Lol, love it, too

Uhm, it’s good that you agree with yourself a few days later.

However, don’t get used to the title. The shine is wearing off.

I was making a joke about the typo, which I couldn’t correct a few days later…

Ah, I missed that. Carry on. But the boobs thing will go away. It’s a tad cliché and misogynic.

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Progressively out of touch.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi castigates the illiberality of the deplorable classes. During the lockdowns that she championed, however, she got caught maskless violating quarantines—to get her hair done.

Pelosi also released a clueless Antoinette video of herself boasting about her just delivered $13 a pint ice-cream, stocked up in her twin $23,000 sub-zero refrigerators in her Napa estate. Her multimillionaire husband, Paul, recently wrecked his new Porsche (a carbon guzzler) while driving under the influence.

Americans are reaching the point where they either cannot afford vacations at all or are terrified of flying only to be left stranded in the now inert airport archipelago. No matter. The woke Pelosis this week are guests of superstar Andrea Bocelli at his Tuscan beach estate.

now we know what your smartphone’s lock screen wallpaper is

Nah…don’t want my phone overheating…

Friction burn ?

MILF overload…

GMILF, surely?

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GGMILF I’m sure…


This thread seems to have gone downhill and buried itself in the sludge even quicker than usual.