National Holidays 2015 … =1287&mp=7

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“This page can’t be displayed”

I think the site is down at the moment.

Maybe the site doesn’t work on weekends or public holidays.

Hmm seems to be permanently down. Maybe funding for 2014 ran out, lol. Not having any luck finding official version.

It was working yesterday.

Here’s another one, from the site of the Directorate-General of Personnel Administration (DGPA): … =1287&mp=7

The site of Er Chong Junior High School, in Hsinchu County, has a page with a link to a downloadable calendar in Excel format, here: … 4,r2-1.php

So does the DGPA page, but I mention Er Chong’s version because the title of the Er Chong calendar contains the expression “修正版.” Google Translate says “修正版” means “revision” or “corrected version.” I don’t know Chinese, so I don’t know what was corrected or why.

The Er Chong version correctly showed Jan 2nd as a holiday. All of the other versions (including the dgpa version) that I have seen forgot to make that a holiday.

Thanks for that. Otherwise, I’d have been wondering what we might be losing in the future. :laughing:

The important thing is that we have ONLY 6 days off this CNY. Not enough :frowning:


I want to ask who is getting Friday May 1st off for Labour Day? My office does not close (they even sent out an email to let everyone know they are expected to be at work on time this Friday…) and I am super frustrated with it because a long weekend was exactly what I needed :frowning:

I think government workers don’t get a day off because they are not private sector scum labourers like most of us and they get 10 or 20 or 30 days off a year anyway.

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Most offices don’t close in my experience.


My boyfriend’s office is off and I am so jealous. God knows how valuable a Friday off is when you work as a professional in Taiwan!

Companies are obligated to give employees May 1st off.

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[color=#FF0000]Dear all,


We are not off on May 1st Labor Day. Please make sure you come to work on time.[/color]

This is the email my boss sent to all the employees. I guess in Taiwan whatever the laoban wants is more important than the law…

So, May 1 isn’t a national holiday?

Company I work for is off, my understanding is that it is not a public holiday so government employees and schools are not off but many private companies are…

If you are working for a private employer, it’s a public holiday.

This looks like some bullshit email from the boss, watch your fellow workers go to work and Play with Facebook all day as they seethe in the corner. Welcome to Taiwan.

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Taiwan doesn’t have an integrated public holiday system , just so people don’t confuse peasants with kids and government officials.

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