Nationwide: English-speaking computer repair


I’m still around, just haven’t had time to revamp the site.
I’ll try to get it up again over the next few weeks but I’m juat a bit overloaded at the moment.



Is Nam still existing here? I message him like a few days ago. I got no reply.

Anyone here can help me fix my lenovo laptop? I want to recover my files but I cannot boot in and laptop not repairing itself. Please help.



What error do you get when booting?

There are a couple of options you can do.

  1. In place install of windows; get a copy of windows, doesn’t matter which version, and install over the top. This will install a fresh version of windows over the current broken OS, and your files will be put in a seperate folder under Windows.old on the system.

  2. Better option, pull the HDD out, it’s most likely a sata drive, plug it into a PC with either the internal power and sata, or better yet buy a cheap USB external sata connector. This will allow power and sata plugged into it and you will see it come up as a regular USB drive.

If it’s more than a year old the above ways will get you into it, the internal drives only older laptops are basic sata spinners or ssd.



If you are in Kaohsiung or close by and are worried about doing any of this, I can take a look in person.

System Engineer is my day job :stuck_out_tongue:



Sadly I am in the other side… specifically Nangang. I was advised to use WindowsPE but I have no clue how the hell that works. I will try to see if I have a Windows to install in but I doubt…



Do you have a desktop computer?






No I mean, do you have access to a desktop computer?



The absolute easiest way, is to a windows install over the top, you’ll get the option to wipe the drive or keep current files, just make sure you read it.

With windows PE, if your really not sure about any of this, I would stay away from it if you don’t know what you are doing.

After a reinstall, your PC will be fresh anyway and your current files will still be there and you can move them around and open ect…

Would suggest getting a cloud storage account for future, just in case. Microsoft OneDrive 50Gig is like 75nt a month or something. But you can go Dropbox as well and get more storage for better price, I just like OneDrive for its win10 built-in feature.



There was an option for me to install windows in the repair by keeping current files and erase everything else. It did not work…

And yes… I have access to a desktop.

Also… if it does not really work… wondering if there is anyone out there who can help me convert my laptop hdd into external hdd and I will just buy a new laptop…



Your windows is corrupt, reinstalling it from the drive itself will fail as you saw. But if you get a full new version and install it, it should work.

You can get the windows media creation tool from Microsoft, google it, legit versions of windows.

If you want to make the drive external that’s easy also. You will need to find an enclosure for it, basically an external hard drive case without the hard drive. Easy to find, just called HDD enclosures.

Like this one.



Can it fit in USB? Can I reinstall windows via USB?



Yes. The media creation tool will ask you what to install it on. It will make it bootable.



Thanks. I will give it a try!!



On saying that, there may be a chance that doesn’t show up. Don’t worry, just need to give it a drive letter since your laptop would have used it as C: while your PC already has a C:

Open file explorer or my computer, right click on this PC and press manage. Find the disk management option, you will see both drives there, on the bottom half of the page you will your drives as well, but one may not have a drive letter, right click on it and press assign drive letter, pick a letter, and it will mount. Then it will show in your my computer/ file explorer.



Does anyone know Nam’s current contact info? Looking for someone to repair my Lenovo laptop with 8.1.