Native Taiwanese / Formosan (?)

Not without parallels with the other side of Eurasia either. Pre geographical Brexit


The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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A short but moderately informative article about the Seediq tribe:

Where are your sources?


Early Austronesians: Into and Out Of Taiwan

Tracking Austronesian expansion into the Pacific via the paper mulberry plant

The Pattern of Austronesian Expansion

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For what?

According to Google pictures search it is from here:,and_possible_language_family_homelands(archaeological_sites_in_China_and_SE_Asia_shown).png

It’s in the wiki page I linked.
Wikipedia is often a good place to start looking for info, imo.

To paraphrase,

Stage 1: ~50 Kya ago
Earliest human arrived in Asia ~50 Kya ago. They are probably related to the negritos and bears the Y chromosome haplogroups F* and K*. There is a higher concentration of haplogroup K in the Philippines than anywhere else in South East Asia. There are at least 2 sampled individuals bearing haplogroup K in Taiwan.

Stage 2: Between 18 Kya to 14 Kya ago
That’s when haplogroups O1a*, O1a1*, O2a1* and O3* first reached Taiwan. They are then separated from the mainland when the raise of temperature caused sea level to raise around 11 Kya ago. During the isolation, Taiwan developed its own haplogroups.

Stage 3: Between 6 Kya to 4 Kya ago
Early Austronesian expansion began out of Taiwan, and moved southward to the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. About the same time, there was a new O3 group that moved from the mainland to Taiwan.

From the estimated coalescent times for the two unique clusters, the mtDNA lineages leading to such clusters were inferred to have been introduced into Taiwan approximately 11,000-26,000 years ago, suggesting ancient immigrations of the two mtDNA lineages.


You can see the picture on page 22

Here is an interview with the author

Austronesians were an agricultural society that came from what we now call China, and made something of a staging point from what we now call Taiwan in an expansion across south east Asia that often involved replacing aboriginal - hunter gatherer - society. Its a general trend of agricultural society to expand and replace pre-agricultural society. It happened in the history of every continent. Remember that rice and many other crops and species that the Austronesian spread across the pacific originated in China.


This is a late response, but thanks for posting this, found it interesting to go over. My background is Cree Aboriginal in Canada, and have always wanted to find other “native” groups in my travels.



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A very moving scene. A Paiwan youth performing his rites chant. Traditionally it should be performed in from of the na Paiwan a Kemasi Kaviyangan na lja Zingerur a Pararulj (Pillar of Ancestral Spirits of the House of Zingerur of the Paiwan Tribe’s Kaviyangan Village).

The pillar depicts the ancestor that founded the Kaviyangan village, a female leader named Muakai Zingerur.

Traditionally the rites and weddings were performed in front of this sacred pillar.

However, Japanese researchers somehow acquired it with 400 Yen in 1932 and took it to Taipei Imperial University (present day NTU). The people of Kaviyangan haven’t seen the pillar since. It wasn’t until 2012 when the pillar was rediscovered and was applied to be a National Treasure.

The NTU managed to receive Kaviyangan’s blessing by arranging a traditional ceremony that bestowed the pillar to NTU. Since the pillar was lost so long ago, many of the chants related to the pillar were lost and the leader of Kaviyangan, Alineying Zingerur, had to work with the elders to rediscover the chants to be able to perform the ceremonies.

That’s how we get this video of this young man chanting in the middle of the NTU Anthropology Museum.


There is a theory- no idea of how substantiated it is- that the Amis are Philippines-originated, who came back to Taiwan and settled along the coast and in the East Rift Valley, pushing other tribes back into the hills.
I mostly use it to tease my wife (who is Amis) whenever she goes into a rant about “we’re the original inhabitants.”

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Stuff like that have been perpetuated for over a century by the likes of Lian Chan’s grand-father to imply that Taiwanese Aboriginals merely arrived to Taiwan a little bit earlier than the others.

It’s been proven false by linguistics and genetics studies.

The only Aboriginal tribe that definitely migrated back towards Taiwan would be the Tao people of Ponso no Tao.


Extremely cool. Thanks for sharing this.


Just curious–you say it’s been proven false, but then you say the Tao are the only tribe that “definitely” migrated back. Is it possible that others did?

Zuozhen Man?