Need to buy a US number

I was wondering if someone could help me.

I need a to get a US number that calls from the US. That is, the number would do more than just forward incoming US calls to your phone in Taiwan, but also calls US numbers as if I were calling from the US.

Can somebody recommend a good service? Thanks.



No, I believe Skype forwards your phone calls to your Skype service. But when you call, you buy credit. The number that is seen with number recognition is not your Skype US number.

No no. You can buy a US number with skype and have unlimited calling.

I frequently use mine for Canada. I opted out of having a number, but you can have that if you want.


Are you calling from your number, though? Or from credit bought on Skype. I have credit bought on Skype but for some reason, this is being kicked back by a system in the US. In other words, the credit bought on Skype does not make it appear as if you are calling from a US number.

Would buying a number on Skype change this?

I can attach my Taiwanese number to its caller ID if I want.

I don’t have credit. I have an unlimited calling subscription

So when you call someone, the caller ID shows that it’s from a US number?

Edit: You can call your own cell phone to check.

If you buy a US number. Yes. The number subscription and the calling subscription is separate.

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You can try the TextNow app which works like you want.

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Not sure if you would need this, but with a US Skype number you can’t get SMS verifications

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I think I will try this since we already have the calling subscription. No need to set up things all over again from the beginning. Thanks for your help. I’ll report back here.

One more question, if you don’t mind. You are doing this (buying the overseas number) from Taiwan, right? The person in charge of this at our company is asking since he believes the services offered here in Taiwan might be different from what is offered overseas.

I moved my Google Fi number to Google Voice, can make and receive calls like I was in the US.

I use a permanent VPN on my phone though.

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I use a VPN when I access Skype’s account settings cause the Taiwan one always brings me to PCHOME.

I use my Taiwanese credit card on US/CA skype.

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This is a work problem. We have computer guys that will help me out. Can you guys explain to me what a virtual private network is and how I can use one? Sorry for how much of an idiot I am on this.

I am calling numbers in the US that I’ve called for 10 years and I’m getting invalid number messages. When they are called locally (from the US), no such problem is encountered (I’ve had several people test this).


I’ve got a SIM card with a US number. It works about 95% of the time. I guess T Mobile is messing up with the routing some of the time so I’m not getting a 100% success rate. I need 100%.

It’s not that difficult really.

I use Surfshark. The client software is easy to use, Just select a USA or Canada server then you are on the Canadian or US internet.

Have to pay for it.

Would this be necessary if a US number on Skype is paid for?

Do you recommend BOTH VPN from USA and Skype US number for my issue?

It’s necessary to access the settings. Otherwise you wont be able to access settings or billing.

So you can’t buy a US number on Skype unless you’re living in the US (or you make it seem as if you are by using a VPN)?

It’s not that if you are living in the US.

It’s if you’re living in Taiwan. Skype and PCHome have a joint venture here. So they block Taiwanese IPs specifically.

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