Neighborhood swimming pools - outdoor

I live on SongShan rd… closest intersection being Xin Yi. I want to find out where I can find out if there are any outdoor swimming pools in this neighborhood. Who can I call? Is there a website? Tealit lists ones that are too far away and attract throngs of locals. I’m looking for something maybe at a school that is also open to the public for a morning swim.


from my search i found two other than Alexanders (but you’d have to ring to check that they’re public access pools and not linked to gyms etc). Hope this is helpful

Taipei City International Health World, Xinyi District, Qingyun Road, No 1, ph 2723 8881


Sang Fu Shi Exercise Centre, Xinyi Road, Section 2, Number 1, 2322 3875

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On the other side of town beyond 101 theres an outside pool.

Follow Xinyi all the way until it becomes Fude street and the pool is in Yucheng Park. It’s also a 5min walk from Houshanpi MRT.

If you get the latest Taipei Metro Tourist map Yucheng park is marked on it.

It cost 60 NT and for a public pool is pretty good.