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I’m heading to Amsterdam this weekend for 4 nights. I’ve been 2x now and each time I’ve left disappointed in the restaurants I’ve picked. The Asian choices seem rather bad…I’m not sure if the Dutch like Asian cuisine very much. I’m not really sure where to eat.

Is anyone familiar with the restaurant scene there by any chance and can recommend some places. It’s an early birthday trip I’m giving myself so I’m not to picky about prices as long as it’s worth it.

I’m not surprised. This country has the worst food. Idk how people there tolerate it.

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Off the Wall good feeling restaurants that have a good one of this

The Dutch took it around the world.

From India you know people have different interpretations of Asia so…

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Tbh I’m still not clear what’s Dutch food

Dutch food is a lot of fried stuff. Stick to meat and cheeses and it should be fine generally speaking


I always like to get this pudding from supermarket. Its the best. I dont care about brand, I think they are all the same.

For food maybe try some french fries for some snack. The big ones with Mayo and Ketchup.

My answer maybe not exactly a restaurant guide, but just some ideas. Maybe they have better snacks than actual meals.

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Horror stories like stamppot.

Worth it, but $$$$ and need to reserve.

I try to avoid eating in Amsterdam anything more complicated than a sandwich. Most places cater to hungry tourists and are overpriced. Outside the direct center there are some places (Indian,Syrian), but it is very hit and miss.


Can you update me on how much is kebab over there now? I remember around 2 or 3 euros back in 2011. I didn’t like Amsterdam much, can’t find anywhere to use a bathroom at all without paying for it.

I remember around 2 or 3 euros back in 2011.

At least 6 euro’s , I checked with a student :slight_smile:

can’t find anywhere to use a bathroom at all without paying for it.

That is Dutch secret level classified. But anywhere that caters to upmarket Chinese customers (like Bijenkorf) will have free toilets.

Having grown up in the lowlands, I can attest to the fact that stamppot is something that many non natives viewed as nightmare inducing.

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Dutch cuisine has evolved somewhat since the EU made it easier to import food from other countries. But, it all depends on what your taste is. For very simple stuff that is fairly decent, you can go to the HEMA department store. Some of them have cafeterias that aren’t too expensive and you can get some decent things to eat. Then there’s bar food at some of the local places (not tourist). Again very simple stuff but pretty good. My favorite is a place called “Cafe ‘t monumentje”. It’s been there since at least the 70s. Very old school, local bar/cafe with sandwiches and great apple pie. Nearby there’s also a market (I think on Saturdays). Lots going on there.


Do Europeans just assume no one needs to use the toilet, or something? It seems like they guard the right to pee very carefully. Why is that? What do they expect us to do, pee our pants? Or bring kitty litter? I know some US states basically make urinating in public a sex offense.

Its not a sex offense, but you would be fined. There are lots signs these days as many visitors are British that are not toilet trained for some reason.

A toilet monitor / cleaning staff can earn up to E 20 an hour. One of my daughters used to pick this work up every now and then through the freelance apps, and very last minute they pay through the nose for this kind of job.

If I only need to pee every 4 hours then maybe paying a little bit isn’t so bad, but some of us have medical conditions that makes you pee every 30 minutes, and having to make a significant budget just for toilets is extortion, and should be illegal. What’s worse is some restaurants in Europe make paying customers pay more to use the toilet. Germany isn’t as bad but Amsterdam is almost anal in this regard.

It’s basically discrimination towards old people and diabetics.

Unless you’re Ozzy. He pisses on the Alamo.

There seemed to be plenty of contemporary Dutch restaurants in North Amsterdam. I can’t find the one I liked best, but there were many like this one. Not cheap but reasonable for an expensive city.

Nobody makes you pay extra to use the bathroom if you’re a customer there.

If proper kebabs and falafel are available, sign me up! :yum:


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Wrong. How about the Hema? or in a Nightclub?