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Here’s All Hands’ February networking events roundup. Lots of different stuff happening this month!

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I was about to start a thread on this topic but just spotted you had posted this.

Spotted some guy on LinkeIn talking about it

@manuscr1pt - this one is in March - do you wanna change the name of the thread to be just 2019 and we can keep posting these things as we go?

TTA 2019 Startup Fair
2019-03-05(Tue) 13:30 ~ 16:30 (GMT+8)

臺灣精實創業圈 Taiwan Lean Startup Circle

Taipei, TW
2,303 Lean Starters

We are the believers and practitioners of Eric Ries' "Lean Startup" philosophy. Welcome everyone with an open-mind and innovation to join us. You could be an entrepreneur, bus...

Check out this Meetup Group →

Appreciate the links, MMIT.

I don’t really know the protocol for this board, so I had been posting a new thread each month. Would updating the name of the thread each month work better?

I changed the title to make it applicable.

Thanks @tempogain and my apologies to @manuscr1pt - I don’t really know the protocol either but it was pretty cheeky/borderline rude of me to ask you to change your own thread - hope it didn’t come across too badly.

This looks good (Weds): - will be going if I get the nod from my wife.

These guys look interesting too (Tues): but I’m not a coder.

Will keep on posting anything else I find from other sources if people are interested. If anyone sees a man wearing a lurid purple polo shirt at any of these events, that’s me, come say hi.

No stress there, @MyManInTaiwan. Churning out a monthly list of events is plenty of work. Never hurts to have a bit of support.

The All Hands Taiwan March Networking blog post is live! Go forth and swap name cards.

Boom! On it like Gin & Tonic…

The next All Hands Taiwan event will feature a panel of head hunters - 3 locals and one foreigner. Come and learn how recruiters are different from HR people - no one will be as willing to share insights and feedback about your career, resume, and interviews than a recruiter. One free beer/wine with your ticket.

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Free beer? Count me in!

Yeah, but just one. Is it really worth it?

I figured that was a typo.


I know there’s a better place for this, but what the hell.

I admire, but don’t share, your optimism.

It comes with the job. If people throw pies in your face multiple times each day, you see the world with different eyes.


April Events are here! If you know of something we left out, please do share.

A very well-organized set of events starts tonight courtesy of FutureWard. Anyone with visa questions or other interest in starting a business in Taiwan will want to take note:

Next Thursday (5/2), we will host a panel discussion with four location-independent professionals who are based (for now) here in Taiwan. Anyone curious about a career that isn’t tied to one place is invited to attend. There’s a bar at the event and we draw diverse crowds for networking. Hope to see you there.