New BSG? Again?

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Just saw this earlier this week

I had no idea they’re making a new one. The reboot is my favorite sci-fi show.


Let’s hope this time they actually have a plan.

Or don’t and don’t claim they have a plan.

I wouldn’t mind a reboot of Babylon 5, BSG was done already :wink:

This won’t be the same. BSG worked because it was the perfect allegory for the war on terror (culminating in the incredible third season on New Caprica).

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This time around an AI takeover seems a lot more plausible. Maybe it will feel even more grounded?

Did anyone watch the Caprica show?

I think I watched one or 2 episodes, then completely forgot about it. I’m going to have to dig it up and watch it now out of curiosity (unless I forget again as I have quite a busy weekend).

Way too many subplots. Hard to keep track of.

I watched more episodes than @Shaun008 , but I also failed to finish the series.

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