New Costco Coming to Guandu, Beitou District, Taipei

So, it’s now been confirmed that Costco will be coming to Guandu, Beitou District on the border of Danshui. My contact is forbidden from giving me the address at this time, but says it will definitely be in the Guandu Science and Technology Park near Asus, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, and Shuo.

Here’s a map of the general location and my two guesses where it will end up being built.

The gist of the news releases for those of you who don’t habla is…

  1. It will open near the end of the first quarter next year in the Guandu Science and Technology Park.
  2. The size of the agreed upon location is 5,732 ping.
  3. The lease agreement is for 40 years with Costco constructing their own building and parking lots.

Here are some news releases.

COSTCO關渡店 最快明年Q1底開幕

房東為東森國際 合約期限40年








Sweet, should take a little pressure off the Neihu one, parking there is a falkin nightmare on the weekend.

Thank the food gods! This is wonderful news!

And the underwear gods as well!

And the underwear gods as well![/quote]
And the big-ass loaf of toilet paper gods! Woohoo!

Any update on this? Still scheduled for opening around the end of the first quarter in 2014, so I guess sometime in spring?

I’m also wondering if there’s any current news. Would be lovely to have one that close to me.

Bumpity bump. I remember hearing about six months ago that the Guandu Carrefour had been delayed for about a year - does anyone have more recent news about possible opening dates (if ever)?

EDIT: oops. I meant Costco, not Carrefour.

We’re still waiting for the one in Keelung city to open, the building is up, but they’ve been working in it for nearly 3 years.

Where in Keelung?

At the bottom of Xinfong street, down from a.mart, big construction across from the gas station.

Awesome, that’s just a few minutes from my home.
Go Go Go :pray:

Anyone know when this will open? I see there’s an actual structure to the structure now.

I passed by a building in Guandu today on the train that looks suspiciously like a Costco warehouse… Just right beside the track… but the map at the beginning of the thread seems to show a different area!


They expect to open Costco in the middle of 2016. They started to build the structure last December. It’s just half way between Zhongyi MRT and Guandu MRT, easy to see from the train when we pass there. It’s not exactly the location where Northcoast Surfer posted. Costco will be all the free area between 立功街 and 立德路.

Thanks for updating, although the delays are a little depressing - first prediction was for the first quarter of 2014 (i.e. over a year ago), then delayed a year (i.e. opening now) … and now 2016. Darn. I guess I’m not going to have that delicious case of Costco beer within scooter range anytime soon.

I just saw an advertisement from Costco trying to get members. It says the Guandu store will open by the end of the year. :idunno: I’m not going to get my hopes up.

We stopped by their temporary office at Guandu to ask. They would only say they were opening by the end of the year. That could be Sept 1 or Dec 31, but it will be open by this year :discodance:

Solar or Lunar year?