New F-16s in Taiwan soon!

Anyone with sattelites (or only ears and eyes) knows this, no way to keep it secret.


By the way they won’t be here soon. At least two years probably three to four years.

Why? Because US won’t start building them until all agreements are complete.

Are these the ones that are able to take off quickly from short run ways?

No. The ones with short or vertical takeoff is a different airplane the F-35.

It depends on the type. They make variations. Many types of F35 can not. Some variations can. Some F16s can also do that.

Can they? it’s hard to imagine. I never heard about any F-16 variant like that anyway. I didn’t see anything about it in this F-16V writeup

All F-16s in the world just use regular runways, no vertical or short takeoff.

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You’re right. I was mistaken. Only a variation of the F35 can.

Yeah it’s a pretty unusual capability. It remains to be seen how it will work out in the F-35. The last time they tried to make an aircraft fit both USAF and USN requirements was the F-111, and it didn’t work out so well.

does Taiwan still have those runways in the mountain hillsides of Hualien, or just an old wives tale?

I believe they want to move to this direction since supposedly war games simulation against China makes landing vulnerable when on bases in aircraft carriers. So they want to get them out fast.

Interesting article! The Marines will be the main or only user of the VTOL version though, and they have always wanted such aircraft. They needed something to replace the old AV-8s, so that would have been reason enough to want this version. It might help out a little in the kind of major war scenario they’re talking about there, but as they say high-tech aircraft like that might not be easy to operate from rough bases, and weren’t intended to as far as I know. The first thing the Marines will want to do is operate them from the small-deck amphibious landing ships, and also from simple bases as needed, but I doubt anyone ever envisioned dirt strips in the middle of nowhere for them, even though that was a strength of the Harriers.

I see what you meant about the refueling now, though it’ll be a problem for any aircraft.

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That’s also an issue. Also being so high tech, it’s basically half super computer and half fighter jet, I believe they still have huge concerns of being hacked.

There’s no doubt the F35 on paper and in all simulations are the best fighter jets in the world. They dominate in the skies in terms of aerial combat. But war is not so simple anymore.

I forgot which general, maybe you’ve heard this story, beat the US in war games as Iran. He believed the US relies on too much of these tech systems. He was ramming suicide boats into US war ships and using prayer calls in mosques to organize his troops. Really interesting read if you read the story.

The F35? I think they’re meant more as a jack of all trades type aircraft. The F22 is better, and the Russians have some fine aircraft as well. I doubt the F35 could face up to them, but I don’t think it was really intended to.

It’s a different era! Having problems with low-tech isn’t anything new though. In a big conflict, the US is bound to have a few tricks up its sleeve.

The blanketing runways with bombs is definitely a problem along with targeting of carriers . But then again can China keep it’s planes operating long either or be able to land landing forces in Taiwan… Probably not. I’d see a stalemate situation develop.

Let’s leave the battle plans to the lazy corrupt generals

The new F-16s are the latest and greatest available coming off the production line. I guess will also have the latest AESA radar paid for mostly for Taiwan on the current Taiwan F-16s.

Will probably also have conformal fuel tanks for extended air time.

66 is nearly, but not enough for 3 squadrons. So will probably leave some in US for training like Taiwan has in the US now and then have 2 squadrons in Taiwan.

TAiwan needs new build aircraft. The ones they have are decades old and reaching the end of their serviceable lives.

Is Tom Cruise a top? Rumours are otherwise.

I wonder if we can outfit our F16s with F35 technology. Then find spin it off to the private sector.