๐Ÿ†” New format for ARC/APRC number is not accepted--testing and reporting thread

At this point I should know better than asking why they made it like this, but

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I use an i-cash card for all purchases at 7-11 (due to a hectic teaching/research schedule, I tend to shop there daily). Today the clerk asked if I wanted to check it I had won the lottery for the last two months. Process as follows (simpler than the process in the link provided by @slawa, which is also appreciated). Using i-cash provides discounts and points used to get free products. Also, no need for paper receipts.

  1. Place the card on the scanner (NFC-based, I presume) on the iBon terminal.
  2. Clerk quickly selects the options (I basically just observed).
  3. Found it I won 200 NTD.
  4. Opted to add the 200 clams to my i-cash card balance.
  5. A paper receipt was printed. I signed and jotted down my phone number.
    6. Time to enter my NEW ARC number!
    7. Scanned the bar code on the back of my ARC.
    8. SUCCESS: Balance on the card immediately increased by 200 bones.

Granted, I hadnโ€™t checked my receipts on the past ten years, so but sure how the old ARC number worked. However, I can confirm that the new ARC number is compatible with the lottery system, say least with the i-cash card method


Wait. Youโ€™re supposed to MANUALLY check if you win?

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Same with EasyCard, need to check at the terminal if you store receipts digitally, unless you link it with the digital receipts account from the tax office.

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As far as I know the terminal will check all your receipts saved on the i-cash (or similar cards). Very hassle-free, if you ask them to โ€œsave the receiptsโ€ in the card. There may be an automatic notification function of which Iโ€™m not aware, but the use of the terminal for checking is quite fast.

Main point: new numbers for the ARC do work for collecting receipt lottery winnings. I think the old ones did too, since I remember winning once back in my โ€œinstant noodles every meal PhD dissertation writing daysโ€ :joy:

Itโ€™s the digital age with Taiwanese characteristics.