🆔 New format for ARC/APRC number is not accepted--testing and reporting thread

Two, out of hundreds of damaging articles.

The only time he even uses the word ‘allegedly’ is in regards to the locals. He’s not a saint, he’s just doing what he needs to do to get clicks. He cares not of us.

These two get clicks from the foreigners.

The rest get clicks from the Taiwanese.

What are you trying to say? What is the problem with Audrey being considered a top10 in a country where the GDP per capita is 25,873 USD vs India’s 2,099.60 USD (with so much talent…).

denied to get t-star prepaid internet card,
accepted to buy supplements at tw.iherb (old format was rejected)

As @Brianjones shared, First bank’s credit card application website doesn’t accept ARC/APRC formats either:

Taiwan Star is particularly foreigner-unfriendly.

First Bank is actually quite foreigner-unfriendly as well. They have consistently suggested they want an 80% down payment and are also unfriendly towards small businesses if your business requires you to be on the road helping clients.


The only time I go there is to pay my AMEX card, but I don’t have any accounts there. They always try to stop me from pressing the touch screen where your number comes out. I always ignore them and press by myself, if you are not the teller, you have no business knowing wtf I want to do.


I HATE that!
I am a big boy now, I can do it myself.


The worst is when I want the customer service desk, and the guard insists that I need to see the teller when I know they can’t help me. I wait for the teller to be told , oh you need customer service, get a number


So what are the absolute-must places you have to give your new number to vs. the places you can wait until you happen to be there anyway places?

Employer, NHI, bank, landlord, phone

Update work permit if you have APRC. (basically like applying) :grimacing:

Really? I thought the whole point was they could just flip the ARC over and see the old number matches the OWP one.

If you have a work permit (APRC holders/students with internships or part-time jobs) you NEED to apply to the Work Development Agency for a new one. You need this form and a photocopy of it, a one inch photo, a copy of both sides of your OLD and NEW ARC/APRC and a copy of your passport.


Imagine a person whose facial appearance has changed a lot, has a new passport since old one expired, and now has a new ARC number. Fun times.

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I picked up my new ARC today. As the old number was known to only 4 (2 Banks for Credit Cards (secondary cardholder), NHI, and NIA, I will let it go and see what gives when I next use one. I did renew the E-Gate while there, so NIA has the new one and my passport linked (well, I damn well hope so, though it might be a while before it gets tested).

Where is there?

Taipei NIA Office - No. 15, Guangzhou Street, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City - across the road from the Little South Gate - Nearest MRT Station is Xiaonanmen. They have an E-Gate registration counter beside the one where you collect the new ARC - just make sure you bring your passport.

When do you plan to use e-gate :slight_smile:

I don’t see myself leaving Taiwan for another year even for a tourist visit

Well I did say in the earlier post “though it might be a while before it gets tested”.

It’s good to keep everything tied up.

Taking a trip to the immigration centre is, in my case a day off from work so I try to minimise expensive days off.

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