New i mac mini

i’m using an i book g4, but am thinking about getting the new i mac mini desktop. it looks cool and is all USB. looks like it will save space! about the size of a CD player.

They were displaying PCs the same size at the 2003 Computex. At about the same price. All made in Taiwan.

I am thinking about getting it myself. The costs are EUR500 and it comes with MacOSX and iLife. I hope it will come with Tiger once it is released. Just those two programs bought separately cost EUR 220, which reduces the costs for the hardware to EUR280. I would probably install Tiger and iLife on my Powerbook, and my license for Panther on the Mac Mini (I don’t believe it is called iMac, but that is hairsplitting). I am not sure what to do with the Mac Mini hardware yet, but maybe it can be converted to some form of quite Media Center. I will have to do some research.

let me know. speed is very important for me. i do music production but also need the i-work to do flyers and bios.

I don’t think that the Mac Mini will be very fast. It only has a 1.42 GHz G4 processor, so I hope it will be able to playback DIVX or MPEG4 movie, but for any other major processing tasks it might get out of breath quickly. Tiger is going to be released during the first half of 2005, so we might have to wait a couple of months until I will be getting a Mac Mini. But if I see any reviews or tests, I will try to remember to post those here, or at least provide a link.

I think I need one of these too! Although, it doesn’t come with tiger. It comes with 10.3 Panther which I already got with my powerbook. I guess I’ll with till the next release when they give you tiger. Although you do get iLife 5.

tiger, panther,

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Any ideas when or where one might buy one in Taipei?


Same here, I will wait until Apple ships them with Tiger, if they ever do. It is probably not necessary for the Mac Mini, since Tiger is a full 64 Bit OS, and the G4 is only a 32 CPU. So Stevie might be too greedy. Only time will tell. But I am in no rush anyway.

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[quote=“Comrade Stalin”]They were displaying PCs the same size at the 2003 Computex. At about the same price. All made in Taiwan.[/quote]

Do you know where I can buy one?

Alleycat wrote: [quote]Do you know where I can buy one?[/quote]

I see you like your computers how you like your women. :wink:

I see you like your computers how you like your women. :wink:[/quote]

Requiring an upgrade every 6 months?

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I assume if you contact sumicom from their website they will tell you where to find their products. Those are really nice systems, I will have to take a closer look.

i suggest going to guang hwa sang chang and looking around. if you have time next wed/thurs, i’ll go with you when i come up to taipei.


I’ve seen boxes similiar to the sumicom at a few places at guanghua. One shop in particular is on the north side of bade road, the building to the east of the TVBS tower. There’s an arcade you can walk into a group of shops and towards the back on the right there’s a shop that has those kind.

The mac mini is a pretty intriguing box to me. I’ve wanted to play with Mac OS X for a while, but it’s always a bit too much investment to get one. The one issue that is stopping me is that apple wants USD425 to upgrade to 1gb memory, and the web site says that only apple can do the upgrade. Third party DDR333 1gb simms go for around USD225. I’m waiting to hear how hard it is to actually do the upgrade yourself.

compared to Mac mini, that PC version is down right ugly. It doesn’t seem to have any firewire port, dvi video, and other goodies that come with Mac mini either. Mac minis use more expensive 2.5" HD, slot-loading combo or super drive, and no fan. So the only noise you hear is from the HD.

[quote=“Alleycat”][quote=“Comrade Stalin”]They were displaying PCs the same size at the 2003 Computex. At about the same price. All made in Taiwan.[/quote]

Do you know where I can buy one?[/quote]

Did you follow the link and read the specs for the various machines? You can get the Sumicom without fan and with Firewire. Any size hd you want and any kind of cd/dvd reader/writer you want. Several different kinds of CPUs. You really ought to read the specs on their website.

BTW, I went down to Bade today. Saw several shops selling them. 2.4Ghz P4, 60Gb HD, 512MB, DVD burner, Intel ethernet, modem, USB. NT18,000.

Here are the specs for the S625.

[quote]# Processor

Intel Pentium M processor or Celeron M processor (Dothan or Banias) 1.3GHz or higher


Support 0.8" low profile DDR 333/266 DIMM, Maximum 2 GB

Core Logic

Intel 855GME / ICH 4(North / South)


Intel Extreme Graphics 2
Support up to 64MB DVMT video memory


Software AC '97 Audio CODEC


Built-in high speed Ethernet 100/10Mbps LAN controller


Built-in OHCI 1394a 1.1 compliance
Support up to 400Mb transfer rate

USB 2.0

Integrated 3 independent OHCI controller supporting USB 1.1 ports
Integrated 1 EHCI controller supporting USB 2.0 ports
Dynamic connection support to USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 devices


Dual Independent ATA-100/66/33 support
Support up to 4 IDE devices on dual channel

Hardware Monitor

System, processor temperature, voltage

Power Management

ACPI 1.0b compliance and OS direct power management
Wake-on event: RTC/USB Keyboard/Modem/LAN/Keyboard/Mouse

Switch and Jumpers

Front Panel:
1 x IEEE 1394 Firewire port
1 x USB 2.0 / 1.1 Port
1 x MIC Port
1 x Ear Phone output Jack
Power-on button
Reset button
Power-on and HDD LED

Back Panel:
1 x RS232 COM port
1 x parallel printer port
1 x RJ45 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet
1 x Line-Out output Jack
2 x USB 2.0 / 1.1 Ports
1 x 15 pin VGA
1 x 12v DC Power Jack input

Dimension & Weight

14.6 x 25 x 4.2 cm
2.5KG (fully equipped)

AC/DC Adaptor

Input 100~240V 60 Watt AC Universal
Output 12V DC out

Storage Devices

Support all Standard Slim CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-RW Combo
Support all 2.5" standard IDE hard drive, ATA-100/66/33[/quote]