New Southbound Policy and illegal immigration: nearly 2000 visa-free visitors unaccounted for


Who would (not) have expected this?


Wow. It’s hard to really tell how I feel about it. I mean, I can see the intentions, but…


It depends on the percentage. I don’t think it’s exceptionally high to be honest. They are probably doing all the jobs Taiwanese don’t want to do.


Illegal immigrants are innocuous, in small numbers. All they do is work.


yeah, can’t help wondering if the immigration agencies are well aware of this. There’s always going to be some jobs at the bottom of the heap that Taiwanese people don’t want to do (or don’t want to pay minimum-wage for).


Some are engaged in prostitution whether intentionally or worse, duped


Moreover, they do not have to pay the slavetraders, sorry, intermediaries, nor have someone kidnap their passport or lock them after working 16 hours inside a dorm that is little more than a death trap warehouse. I understand.


it’s all fine and dandy until one of your local bosses hires them to replace you.

On a side note, Mexico’s government will raise minimum wage in the border regions to nearly U$9 on Jan. 1, 2019. Other regions will rise to over U$5.
Quite a few US states now at U$15, so that 9 level ain’t too shabby, considering cost of living in Mexico.


I’m not surprised at all, we got here on forumosa multiple threads as well about what to do if you overstayd your visa on arrival.

I know I also overstayed my visa/visa on Arrival a couple of times by mistake, once in hk and once in Vietnam


That’s not a side note. I don’t know what it is since you fail to connect any dots…


Do any of you seriously compete with SE Asian workers?


In addition, 1,441 visitors from the 10 Southeast Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, India and other South Asian countries were found to have used the documents of another person to remain in Taiwan, while 606 were found to be working illegally, according to the report.

The odds between SE Asians, Indians and fellow adogas from ANZ are 1/3 each, you racist prick!

Majority of SE Asians STILL need an electronic visa to enter Taiwan and other documents that guarantees they are not gonna stay and work in TW during/after their visit.


If only 606 are working, I wonder how the others survive?


Not only working illegally but also doing illegal work?


To just survive in Taiwan is better than just to survive in somewhere like the Philippines I would guess.


Well … yes and no. Taiwan is better if you have a minimum level of spending power, but otherwise, probably not. If you’re destitute in the Philippines, you can (theoretically at least) get various government handouts, and you can mooch off your neighbours, or steal from them; you can build a shack on anybody’s land and they’ll have to pay money to get rid of you. In fact being destitute is a fairly logical life choice over there, because if you do anything else, the government will cease throwing you scraps and start rifling through your pockets to see what it can take.

Being destitute in Taiwan, as in most developed countries, is a whole different ballgame. Stealing or begging openly is likely to land you in a world of pain (especially if you’re an illegal immigrant). Put up a hovel anywhere and you’re likely to attract attention from the police, unless you’re literally living up in the mountains. My observation is that the majority of illegal immigrants find work as cleaners or prostitutes. There are very few alternative options.


That’s a very interesting post and enlightened me on the Philippines ! I never knew this


The $9 and $5 in Mexico is per day, $15 in the US is per hour. That’s pretty shabby considering the CoL in Mexico.


A good number are working as labourers (prob the guys) in the countryside as there are very few young people willing to do farmwork. I think they work in local places like slaughterhouses, food processing, roadworks etc. It’s kind of an open secret. Some are popular with the local farmers they think they are hard working and compliant, maybe like illegal Mexican immigrants in the US rural areas.

Unfortunately some of them are involved in illegal logging. Almost all the cases I heard about had Vietnamese runaways and overstayers involved.


I heard they will live in shacks together sometimes with no electricity. One guy I heArd of actually lives in a farmers house and then he does piece work with the local farmers in the village. They all know his name and love him…Supposedly. I don’t know if the farner guy who he stays with is taking a cut or not though.