New Southbound Policy and illegal immigration: nearly 2000 visa-free visitors unaccounted for


The numbers are people coming legally with VOA.
Differentiate with people coming legally not using VOA but using blue collar worker agencies and paperworks.
Also different with people coming illegally through fishing boats.

First group consists of Toms, Dicks, Harrys, Kumars, Nguyens, Ong Baks, Joses and maybe Nurdins…
Second group are Nguyens, Ong Baks, Joses and Nurdins.
Third group could be any one. Article talking about first group, you referring to runaway workers are the second (or third) group.


Good catch
original article didn’t state per day, though a new one said it was a fulfillment of Mexico’s new president campaign promise.


It would be really interesting to see the figures for North America & Europe for a comparison…


You got caught out by fake news. Take it as a lesson I guess. That’s what makes fake news spread so fast, plausibility .


actually not fake news, as my eyes missed the “per day”. i had just presumed it to be hourly rate. So, I’m the global fake news spreader, lol. Sheet! caught…


it’s actually worse than that. The news were correct, but you reported them in a wrong way. Which means that you are fake news…but fear not, there’s hope for you private:

a) Msnbc and Cnn may offer you a job

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Are visitors from these countries overstaying in larger numbers than visitors from other countries ? Anyone got any numbers to compare eg holders of eu passports to those from these countries

Based on previous posts on this forum, seems it’s quite common to overstay


“Cannot be accounted for” doesn’t seem to imply “overstaying” as such …


i think I’ve found a more lucrative career.


Not sure.

I suspect anyone who overstays is classified the same.

You need to fill in the address where you plan on staying when you arrive, and once your permit to stay expires and you are not found at the adress you said you are staying, you are unaccounted for


Something like 152 ran for the hills right after landing.

Based on past experience, the NIA agent said the male tourists will likely illegally work in Taiwanese factories, while the women will probably engage in prostitution.


I guess now we’re at 2152 visitors.


It must suck for those Vietnamese people to have to work during their vacations.


I honestly don’t understand why they bother. Vietnam looks a lot like Taiwan did 20 years ago. It’s a bit crap in many ways, but if you’re an unskilled nobody in Vietnam you will continue to be an unskilled nobody in Taiwan, except with even fewer civil rights than you had in Vietnam.


Grass is always greener? Well, anyway, wages are still a lot higher for the moment. Long term though, they’d probably be better off staying where they are.


Is there a reward for apprehending someone who either overstayd their visa or working without work permit ?

And, is citizen arrest allowed here ?


That’s what it looks like to me, but maybe there are some subtle undercurrents in Vietnam that I’m unaware of. I get the impression the government is a lot more extractive and interfering than the Taiwan government, but if you’re at the bottom of the heap you’d be less likely to notice.


Vietnam has opportunity, but still a lot of people with no opportunity.

Both workers and prostitutes, can have a job immediately, and make more money in Taiwan.


So … if you’re looking for drudge work, or a career in the sex industry, Taiwan is the place to realise your dreams?
I hope there’s a bit more to it than that,otherwise it says rather more about the Vietnamese character than economic conditions.


They can probably support an extended family with a single wage in Taiwan, or save money to start a small business back in Vietnam. Also, just because you start in the sex industry doesn’t mean you stay in the sex industry.