New sport in China - stomp the rabbit - kitty - puppy

This was in the Apple Daily a few days ago. I just found a link while wasting time surfing around china websites. It pretty grissly…animal lovers probably shouldn’t click see.

Requirements for sport: 1. Sick mind. 2. Big smile.

hey, just noticed (really) the main page is a cute china babe site…maybe something more interesting than the bunny snuff pics.

Some people get off on watching women stomp small animals to death, especially while wearing spiky high heels. “Get off” as in sexually. It’s disgusting what some people find stimulating.

You don’t want to even imagine what I would do to a person like this. I have the up most respect for animals but certainly not humans. I would relish every moment alone with this person or anyone else like this.

When I have feelings like this, I scare myself.

I was in Ko Tao, Thailand a few years back.

One day I was on my way to the pier in a truck to catch a boat to do some SCUBA diving. The truck was an open flat bed and I was sitting in the back.

On the drive to the pier I was just spacing out watching the world go by behind the truck when a puppy ran into the road. (More like like a path) A truck was following us maybe 50 meters behind and they hit the puppy.

I saw the 2 Men in the truck cheer and give each other a high five after hitting said puppy.

It made me sick.

I often see people here driving down the street and there is a dog in the path of their car and they don’t even pause for a moment.


One time I was with my girlfriend in southern China on holiday. There was a lovely palm tree sunset and cute kids playing, frogs hopping, romance in the air. Then we looked closer and saw the kids were catching the little frogs in the stream by the legs, ripping them in two and laughing. Kinda killed the vibe. Humans :loco:

I guess its better for the young ladies to get involve with this than getting involved with porn.

My computer’s having trouble downloading all the pics. The first couple that I’ve seen look like the rabbit is still alive. Are you sure this is real and not some sort of computer-generated prank?

It’s sick either way, but…I guess I’m just hoping it’s not real.

Check this somewhat hysterical article in the Guardian about animal crushing fetishists. From a porn shop owner,


Anyhow, trust me, you do not want to see those pics. I’ve got a pretty high tolerance for sick shit (I watched Ichi the Killer and thought, “What’s the big deal?”), but even that made me blanch.

I rather she/they stick with the porn and “hurt” themselves than killing some innocent animal!
As a human being, you always have the choice to be in charge of your life - animals don’t have that choice.

Don’t look or download stuff from that website, they make money out of it and as long as they do, they won’t stop torturing animals!!

I’m very disturbed by this.
But then, I wonder how much of the revulsion is related to how “cute” the animal is, and how much to the act itself.
People kill insects all the time, for fun, and never bat an eye, just because they are “icky.”

I rather she/they stick with the porn and “hurt” themselves than killing some innocent animal!
As a human being, you always have the choice to be in charge of your life - animals don’t have that choice.[/quote]

Not to quote The Good Book and look like a Jesus freak

The way I see it is girls enter the adult entertainment industry because they are usually don’t have a good education nor the opportunity to do something else. So if there is a market for these girls to pose in pictures killing animals, I find it better than them participating in acts that might get them VD or pregnant.

Also on the demand end, there are people who get off on this. So I would rather have 1 animal tortured and distributed over the internet for 1000 individual amusement, then have each of the 1000 individual go out there coercing 1000 young women to torture 1000 animals on their own.

I’m sorry, AC, but I don’t agree with your reasoning nor your priorities. I understand your arguments, but torturing any animal, be it human or otherwise, should never be an option in my opinion.

And if you interpret that Bible exerpt as permission to torture animals, then you must interpret any rulers right to rule as permission to do the same to his or her subjects. If that God condones such acts, he’s not one that I can follow.

I’m sure that would-be porn actresses have a lot more choices available than porn or animal abuse.

I thought (and hoped) this site was a hoax, like the bonzai kittens one, but the pictures look quite graphic. When I see this kind of thing, it makes me long for the next great flood. We do not deserve to be the ‘guardians’ of this planet.

This would probably be a more compassionate solution to thier needs:

So much for the idea that people in Buddhist countries have more respect for animals than people in the West. It’s ironic because Christianity says that humans have the right to lord over the rest of the planet and do whatever they want with animals, but Buddhism preaches compassion for all living creatures.

Also on the demand end, there are people who get off on this. So I would rather have 1 animal tortured and distributed over the internet for 1000 individual amusement, then have each of the 1000 individual go out there coercing 1000 young women to torture 1000 animals on their own.[/quote]

So what happens if you apply this line of thought to paedophiles too? Is it ok to have one child molested and distributed on the internet so that 1000 others will be spared that in real life? The point is, the 1000 others probably won’t be spared in real life. The more someone gets off on this, the more likely it’s gonna be that they’re eventually gonna try it themselves in real life.

And with supply and demand - just having this crap on the internet broadens the market and more sickos start to discover that they are into this, and that there’s a way for them to access it cheaply and readily - increasing the demand, thereby necessitating and increased supply - more animals being tortured. If this wasn’t available, sure there’d still be a few people out there getting off on this on their own, but hardly as many would get into this stuff if it wasn’t available anywhere.

What’s wrong with just saying that this is some absolutely sick, depraved shit which should not in any way be tolerated by a civilised society?

With regard to being poor, penniless and uneducated, even then you’ve got to be pretty damn sadistic and cruel to accept a job like this. There are plenty of poor, unemployed people who i’m sure would never stoop to this level of depravity.

Stray Dog,

I understand your point of view. I don’t condone the torture of animals either. Something in my inner core also screams “That’s wrong.”

However, the pragmatic side of me knows that commercial farms that raise and slaughter livestock for consumption do not treat the “food” that much better. So if you ban this or make it legally less accessible, will these fetish seekers sit in front of a slaughter house? Will we then ban the slaughter house?

The sexual active part me knows that their are some pretty strange fetishes in the world. Sexual desire is an overriding drive in humans. If this fetish is banned, would a particular individual in this relatively small population become unstable and a menace to society, because they could not get their release? And if this fetish is banned, do we ban other sexual fetishes that also simulatied torture.

As for government sanctioned torture, well that’s been going on forever. Even in this day in age, the leader in human rights is accused using torture. It is too difficult for me to put into words the moral context of how that relates to animal torture. But I am aware human torture does exist. I personally thinks it is wrong. But secular and non-secular governments do it, and have whole legal departments justifying the actions.

The newly found Buddist in me secretly thinks “Hope you girls come back as cute little rabbits and get your just dessert in the next life.” But I try not to think too loudly, since it might affect my own karma. :smiling_imp:


To some extent it is a number games. Until people figure out how these weird fetishes develop in people, there no way to control what people will find stimulating. Are they an innate tendency we have, or are they cultivate by various experience.

Banning the stimulant doesn’t prevent users, especially when the drive is sexual in nature.

I would suspect they probably think of their job like those who work in the fish market, slaughter house, restuarants, etc. Any business that deals in wholesale slaughter of live stock.

Go to a traditional food market in Taiwan, would you consider those people any less if they got glammed up while breaking the neck of a chicken or gutting a fish that was still alive. Granted most people don’t get sexually stimulated by that, but we don’t complain when hunger drives us and a sense of pleasure washes over us when we consume the carcass.

Is satisfying the drive for respiration any less important than satisfying the sexual drive in a developed society?

Isn’t that what a developed society is suppose to encourage the liberal act of pursuing pleasure and self interest instead of focusing on struggle to survive?

This appeared fairly recently and caused an uproar online. It’s unclear what the origin of these pictures is. The police is ostensibly looking into this now.

ac_dropout, you make some good points, and this is a very thorny issue. The point I’m trying to make is that, despite what liberal society seems to to be trying to preach these days (that any form of sexual expression is OK), I’m arguing that certain forms of sexual expression are definitely NOT ok. Paedophilia, for example. Why? Because the adult who is sexually molesting the child is engaging in a sexual act with someone who is UNwilling (and even if they are willing participants, they are probably not mature enough to realise the consequences of their actions). The child’s rights are being infringed upon. This is why most people would argue that paedophilia is wrong.

That’s why it’s different to something like sado-machism, which involves violence and torture and what not - BUT in which all participants are adults who are willing and aware. No-one’s rights are being infringed upon.

However, in the case of stamping on kittens/puppies/rodents, the rights of the animals are most certainly being infringed upon. They are not willing participants in this act. Therefore, just like paedophilia, this fetish should be condemned.

If this kind of thing is deemed acceptable in a civilised society because of the fact that it is in line with the pursuits of satisfying the sexual drive of certain individuals, then surely paedophilia is just as acceptable.

I would think that in philosophical terms, a developed society should NOT be primarily concerned with the pursuit of liberal pleasure for the individual, but rather be concerned with creating a better life for all of that society’s citizens - the rich, the poor, the young, the old… and those citizens who are unable to speak for themselves - animals. Unfortunately this is a far cry from reality in today’s society in which the values of materialism, me-first, consumerism, and instant gratification are the highest priorities.