New Thai Government Might Recriminalise Cannabis

I don’t care much about weed, but I hope Thailand doesn’t criminalize it again, it seems so awfully dumb and unnecessary.

I’m not a huge fan either, but I also hope they don’t. At least not until after my next trip there in October/November-ish. :whistle:


Hahaha, I thought something similar as I’m going in August with my wife, and she wants to try out magic brownies for the first time.

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If you end up in the north, there’s a farm/farmstay called Happy Valley Thailand (they have a Facebook page etc.) that I read somewhere does good brownies. And they did - the one I had affected me way more than I was expecting.

Edibles didn’t seem that common when I was there actually, despite the large number of shops.

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It would be incredibly stupid to shut down a billion dollar industry that just started. I see that easily doubling in the next few years if they play it right. That’s a lot of opportunities for locals and tax revenue for the government.


Thank you for the recommendation, we are going to Chiang Mai, so it’s pretty close :smiley:

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That’s good. I think the guy also delivers to there and sells at the occasional event/market. That’s where I bought mine (used to live in CM).

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Yup its good stuff :grin:

Thailand’s health minister says a bill to limit cannabis to medicinal use will be proposed at a Cabinet meeting next week. Thailand became the first Asian country to decriminalize the drug in 2022.

In my opinion it will just be to crack down on unlicensed sellers flooding the market. The medical part will probably just be like you have to be an adult with ID and say you’re using it for medical reasons.

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Was there a couple of weeks ago. The cannabis shops remind me of claw machine shops in Taiwan. They are EVERYWHERE. A friend that partook in edibles said the THC content was so low that it was a waste of time and money.
It felt like a blight, but I don’t support criminalization either. I’m hoping competition “weeds” out the crap


It really depends. Some of them are pretty low THC concentration, true (I think there’s a legal upper limit that the major manufacturers try to keep under), but when there are 20 or so gummies in a very reasonably priced tin and the recommended starting dose is two, there’s an obvious solution - taking more. Makes it easier to titrate the amount ingested too. Obviously people shouldn’t be taking one or two of those expecting to get super high.

Some of the brownies etc. can be really quite potent and, while being more expensive, are still pretty reasonably priced. Someone who isn’t me had half of a brownie a few times, and found it to be more than enough for feeling a strong effect (occasionally too strong).

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I brought it up here: [Remote Work] Taipei or Bangkok? - Taiwan / Moving to Taiwan - Forumosa

The Khosan Road nomenklatura elite will not be happy. :cowboy_hat_face: :cowboy_hat_face: Nor the backpackers that need such stimulants before their work. :clown_face:

Prison labor must be in demand, they need more prisoners in the factories. This law is killing the prison industry. :innocent:

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My friend tried the edibles , fruit gums, few hundred baht and he said it was quite relaxing. Can never predict in advance how strong never wolf them all down at once . With the joints he said it’s a lot easier to judge.
My very handsome and intelligent friend told me the lack of places to smoke said joints is quite fucning annoying though.
And he says the golden rule ALWAYS bin what is left over before flying out again .

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For the weaker edibles, my friend (also handsome and intelligent) said he just took two or three to begin with then followed up with more throughout the day/evening as necessary. In contrast to your friend, he didn’t find it easier to judge with smoking, and doing so would often leave him way too spaced out and paranoid, which he finds quite disturbing in public places. He’s not a big fan of cannabis though.

Mushrooms were a different issue. He said he tried half a small bar of mushroom chocolate and that was borderline too much and quite difficult to control. He said he found that quite scary when he’d already ingested the thing and it’s building up, because he just had to ride the wave with no escape.

Yeah, he also said to bin/donate/ingest whatever’s left before leaving. He had a relaxing onward flight, apparently.

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This is probably the kind of thing where practice is helpful

Are these easy to get in Thailand now?

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Hang on, I’ll ask him.

Yeah, sure, this guy has had practice in the past, but for him the amount needed while remaining basically functional and not paranoid is quite low, especially given the strength of modern strains. He says he has quite a fine line between feeling an enjoyable effect and a not enjoyable one.

He says not too difficult, but outside of places like Pai (and he’s guessing the party islands), where they’re sold openly, it might be necessary to know people or places to go. He said he got his from a friend who lives there.

He also said he just wants to applaud the Taiwanese government’s efforts to protect people from drugs, which are undoubtedly bad, and recommends that if people want to have a good time, which drugs don’t provide, they should go eat some tasty Taiwanese food instead, and possibly go to a KTV to enjoy a bit of singing. I couldn’t agree more, and I’m not a drug user myself.


I might get some betel nut, for a new year buzz

I can’t stand the taste of it. I ate it a few times. The small buzz isn’t worth the taste in my opinion. Better off with some super hot chili pepper or high caffeine.
In the old days we would just drop it into a pint of Taiwan draft beer (The betel nut not the chili).
However if drinking Gaoliang wine you can improve the taste by eating raw chilis.