New Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CRV?

Outback owner?

By the way, Toyota just announced to raise the price of 2023 RAV 4 by 45K NTD.

No, just a fan. Think they look excellent, and the H4 boxer engine sounds famously good due to the exhausts from both banks being equal length.

Headgaskets are a problem on those engines, and there’s two of them at each end of the block, so twice the upset.

Also the floors can rust in countries that use salt. Japanese Imports are always perfect though.

So, basically if you want a very nice looking paperweight…

I am most interested in full time 4WD. I was even considering Benz GLE as would be a bigger vehicle (which is good for me) but at over NT$4,000,000 I really hesitate to go that route as even maintenance costs are higher…and I heard the overall quality is not so good.

My brother drove his last Subaru Forester of 260,000 miles with very little problems. That is amazing since my brother is lazy to take care of his car…he understands car maintenance but is just damn lazy. He traded in for another Forester.

We went with a Mazda Cx-5. Should arrive in December. Interior was as good as the Lexus Nx250 I wanted. Wife wasn’t thrilled by the sales at Lexus and the car itself was just ok by her. Volkswagen Group cars were a No from the moment we walked in the dealer.

The only car that we both said yes to was the Mazda. I’m hoping the wife ordered white so I can call it panda. But I think she would have gone silver or red.