Nice carrot cake 紅蘿蔔蛋糕 Kaohsiung (+ NYC)

Best one I found in Taiwan ( not many choices in Taiwan though)
S’more Sugar - Google Maps


Tucked in behind the Cultural Center. Nice catch!


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The one from Heritage Bakery is good.

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oops, this is in Taipei. :grimacing:

After lunch on a working day not as busy. More a place to talk than to use a lap top thus not like coffee cafe, busy on weekends with young ladies talking and eating.

Heritage is good but the one here in Kaoshuing I like this better.

Another one I like is in the Grand Central Terminal in Mid Town (New York City) but not sure when I can go back as no work trips to the States recently.

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lol. I’ll make a note of that for the future.

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Any photos?

More details about the inimitable Heritage (located in Taipei City near historic Beimen) can be found here:

I can vouch that their carrot cake remains excellent—moist, with fresh nuts to add complexity. My only gripe is that they put about three times the amount of cream cheese on top that is really needed. That’s easy to solve though as I just scrape off the excess and enjoy what’s left!



I like the cream cheese (if not too sweet) so I will have to go!

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I went to the Heritage Bakery yesterday, I have say the one here in Kaoshuing is one level higher than that. Heritage Bakery is ok, not great to my taste.


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Which bakery in Kaohsiung is that from? Is it cream cheese or whipped cream?

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It’s not whipped cream as it would not last long. Its a bit harder/thicker cream cheese which it taste like, which I like. This is my preference. S’more Sugar has two locations, the one in the link is where I go. They do sell out of the Carrot cake as they make limited amount, you can call before you go to make sure they save you one. I revisited today 3 slices left this afternoon so do call before you go.

After trying a few more different Carrot Cakes, still miss the one the one at S’more Sugar, recently though they do not have it everyday (in May). I will try post a few other photos when I have a chance.