Nice piano bar catered to older crowd in taipei

I am 63 originally from Taipei 30 yrs ago and plan to visit early next year. Wonder there is any piano bar (Straight or Gay) catered to my age group in taipei?

I hope there is, and someone chimes in. If you’re also ok with jazz, brown sugar might work.

thanks and will google it. Any good bar in the hotels, maybe?

Or might not

Oooops, I thought it’s temporary. Thanks for pointing that out, it still seems to be closed. Sorry, OP (original poster)

Yeah, I think hotel bars might work. Hope some businessmen here chime in, since I don’t have much experience with those…


I think I know what the OP is after, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in Taipei.

Maybe at one of the big hotels??? :idunno: