No eggs at my local PX Mart for two weeks

As the title says. Seems strange. Has anyone else noticed this at their market and, if so, what’s up?


Dunno about px, but seemed ok in Carrefour today. Has someone’s chicken farm tested positive and had all their chickens culled?

My local egg seller ran out of eggs too.
They have been limiting the eggs being sold for weeks.

That’s why most of the eggs were gone.

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Indeed. People hoarding dozens of eggs that will go bad and eventually get thrown away

We gotta get them and start scalping eggs.

Eggs for GPUs.


I’m making a batch of pickled eggs tomorrow, coincidentally.

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Perfect. People are sure to find @BiggusDickus’s egg upgrades irresistable.

Not sarcasm. Really mean that.

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I and a Taiwanese friend were the only people who could eat the last batch. All my colonial cousins found them too sour. It remains a wonder to me how we lost the Empire.


Eggs at every store here in Ximending. Local and big chain :man_shrugging: Actually just bought a bunch an hour ago

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I noticed this at my PXMart last week…only one type of chicken eggs available, which made my guessing game easier I suppose.

Plenty of 鹹鴨蛋 though.

This all seems highly suspect. You’d think egg-suppliers would want to offload older stocks prior to the new year shutdown. Is there any news (or speculation) about the cause?

You can get eggs at 7-11 or Familymart.

Does it have anything to do with this? Perhaps there’s a backup getting them stamped.


Here in Taichung, our local PX has been out of Tofu for 3 weeks

Not quite sure that’s the correct collective noun!

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They’re also stamping traceability codes on the tofu cubes as well.


Tell me you’re an English teacher without telling me you’re an English teacher :joy:
They’re sold individually by a local lady down the street. Not in packs of 6-12



Welcome to Barter Town!


This “phenomenon” always happens right before CNY… around 2-3 weeks before everything shuts down, the price of eggs starts increasing rapidly, white eggs that usually go for $28~$32/斤 while red eggs that go for $34~$38/斤 will spike up to $45/斤 & $50/斤 respectively…and then just about a few days to CNY, white eggs will completely disappear from the local markets while red eggs will be a rare item. The grocery store owners claim that it’s the restaurants, breakfast shops, bakeries & locals themselves who start hoarding just before CNY. Don’t worry, everything will come back to normal on Feb 7th :wink: