No wrinkle clothes! I don't want to iron please help :(


I am bored of ironing.

With all the technology we have nowadays is it possible that I have to ache my back to iron every week? I have a girlfriend and her clothes are perfect when not ironed, very soft and comfy material.

I get frustrated when I look at her guardrobe. After I wash my clothes they are full of wrinkles!!!

I know there are various fabrics, one is called Tencel but I’m open to any solution.

I like classic clothes I look especially for trousers and polo-like shirts. I’m ok to iron formal office shirts (I bring them to wash and they iron for me ahahaha).

Where can I fine a store in Taipei where I go and I can renew my guardrobe? I hate to jump from one shop to another I feel frustrated. And I never find what I want. Please help me!

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UNIQLO seems to be onto stuff like this, especially for the ladies.

I hope this helps.


It’s annoying especially in Taiwan where’s it hard to find space to dry clothes on a line.

Uniglo is good and there are some local stores that sell non wrinkle men’s shirts …

I solve this problem by basically not giving a shit these days when I don’t need to go to an office. There may be better ways to deal with this. :grin:

As you already noticed some plastic fabrics don’t wrinkle.


Uniglo? Uniqulo maybe? I like classic clothes. I’m looking especially for pants. I’ll take a look there anyway

Japanese chain suit shops. They have some stuff like that too . More for work though.

I’m a man but I will take a look. I look especially for trousers. I’m ok to spend good money for that I need to renew my wardrobe actually.

Any reliable online stores for that?

I found that looks promising.

Those clothes look a bit more stylish than uniglo for sure. Some people on here used to order from intl sites but shipping might be delayed these days ?

OK is that a link drop lol ? :grin:


Lightning fast delivery from Japan lately, if Japanese goods float your boat.

But yes, if you want to try stuff on, you can do so locally too.


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Japanese clothing stores…Good idea.

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They just seem to think carefully about fabrics that work in hot and humid environments. Lots of “dry easy” and similar goods that are practical to use if their sizing fits.


  1. Dry your clothes immediately after they’re washed so the wrinkles don’t set it.

  2. Give them a good shake before you hang them.

  3. Flatten the clothes when you hang them, either on a rack or with a hanger. I prefer the rack cuz the hanger sometimes ruins the shoulder lines.

  4. Ask your girlfriend and tell us what her secret is! Why didn’t you just ask her when you got a question :joy:


All very good advice, though I don’t mind using hangers to get cotton broadcloth and linen shirts dry (love the latter for summers in Taiwan!).


Garderobe. You made me google. It’s garderobe lol

I hang my clothes up, right away right out of the dryer, and never have to iron.

Or with shirts: skip the dryer part. If your room is bright and well ventilated, it works!



…So sophisticated .


Do as the locals, buy nylon, polyester …

From your signature I guess your a guy? Women’s clothes usually have smaller shoulder lines. I hung men’s clothes before and regular hangers are a perfect fit for them!

Or you could use something like this so you’d never need to worry about shoulder lines:

They got all kinds of variations, stand type, wall types, etc.

Why get a dryer if you have to hang them up eventually…

Low wrinkle fabrics