Non-Bizarre Rant of the Day

I’m still here too! My negativity is at an all time high, actually.

I now work at a school with generally much much much more pleasant students, but people’s fear of covid and vaccine discrimination is giving me a really hard time, and the schools have ridiculous student number requirements that are almost literally impossible to meet right now. My students have to go campaign for people to sign up who never intend to attend the class just to get the school to open tiny short classes. I mean at least there’s people campaigning for me.

Majority of students now seem to like me, but one or two will go complain about the most finicky bullshit. I spent a ton of my free time preparing nice handouts for each class recently but I lost students because I had material on the handouts that I didn’t teach. Specifically, one vocabulary word. The manager asked why I didn’t teach it. I said it’s just extra stuff, because I’m primarily teaching their book. This is just extra in case I have a class that doesn’t want to talk to me or whatever, also, why didn’t this student just ASK me what that word means? The student, instead of just asking me a simple question, complained about me and quit my class. How am I supposed to avoid stuff like that?

My solution for now is to prepare nothing since it not only goes unappreciated, it gets me in trouble.

I’ve worked at some kid schools lately, and they’re a whole separate rant. I’ve had to get the government involved (successfully) several times over their bullshit.

I really do enjoy teaching, honestly, especially now that I have a different breed of student, it seems. The rant you quoted was my life for about ten years, and it’s not exaggerated.

The people I deal with regularly now may be shy, but I can ask them to get into groups without an argument, they’ll answer my questions without a fight… basically they’re people that will actually work with me. I can now attempt to actually do something other than “OH MY GOD WOULD YOU PLEASSSSSSE SPEAK TO ME… YOU ARE NOT PEOPLE YOU ARE INANIMATE OBJECTS!!!”.

That’s for adults. My problem now is actually having classes. The classes I have now are great to teach, but they’re so inconsistent… need to find a better place.

I think I’m banned from kids schools in general because of health discrimination reasons that are none of their business. At the last kids school I worked at the classes themselves were all great except for two. I had one class full of tiny screaming kids that didn’t listen to anything, and a class full of too cool for English class teenagers. Both were with the same Chinese teacher, so although she’s pretty nice I think she’s the problem… the other ones are better at keeping their classes under control. All my other classes there were wonderful though. High fives and hugs everywhere whenever I enter the lobby or walk down the halls.

I didn’t inject myself with the popular injection of choice these days though, and weekly testing isn’t good enough for them, despite vaxxed people catching “it” left and right these days. They told me the vaxxed teachers aren’t tested weekly, so I told them I’m safer than they are. They then said “HOW DO YOU KNOW WE ARENT TESTED???” “Uh… because you just told me, stupid.” These people change their story right in front of me again and again and pretend like they didn’t when I immediately call them out for it.

So… Taiwan is awesome…

My name on here is “Taiwanvisitor” because I made this account to make a quick throwaway post asking about how I could find a video game or something the first time I visited Taiwan. Never thought I’d even move here, but here I am…

The vaccine situation will probably be what makes me leave though, unless I find a way to earn money without these ridiculous schools.


TL;DR :sweat_smile:


You may encounter in almost every country now…

People always say this but many countries have dropped vaccine mandates/ requirements.

Definitely not almost every

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This is the ‘solution’ I’ve come up with for online classes. When kids sabotage classes due to laziness and technical ineptitude it’s very hard to muster energy to do anything other than basic boxticking rubbish.

Happy to hear that you’ve found that elusive breed of non-zombie adult students! I had fantastic adult classes in China but, for whatever reason, there just isn’t the demand in Taiwan…

Lots of Taiwanese young people these days probably work overseas to learn English. There are way less young ppl overall too, remember .
I taught adults at various times, I did find many of them hard work, too used to being spoonfed or told what to do and in the evening they were often tired.

Not hard to get a menial job in an English speaking country, with very basic English skills, like taking people’s names at a doctor’s surgery and swiping their card or what have you. I know of some Taiwanese that have done this. It’s a good way for them to improve. Sure it wastes a fraction of some people’s time, if there is some sort of communication breakdown, but most people in multicultural societies are pretty patient in these situations.

Could you imagine a foreigner with limited language skills doing some equivalent job here though?


Never even seen a foreign taxi driver in Taiwan.
They will have to start importing a lot more service workers as soon as they open though!

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I believe that’s a profession which is officially forbidden for foreigners, along with bus drivers.
Anyone know which others?



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There’s still a situation though. :sideeye:

Yeah the “I’m literally a fucking demigod because I had the vaccine” entitlement in society lasted about a year in the UK. There was quite a lot of unpleasantness (I ended up quitting my job because I was too open about it and falling out temporarily with a couple of friends - so much for a free society) and it put me off having the vaccine altogether. It was never mandatory in the UK but the goverment was actively encouaging peer pressure.

It seems to be in proportion with fear of catching covid, as more people get exposed to it or have the vaccine, there will be less public fear and it will subside, however for a long time I was marginalised and discriminated against (very mildly) in my workplace (in the UK) and with some close friends which upset me quite a bit. Taiwan seems to be about 18 months (anecdotally based on what I see written, no I do not have references because I’m not writing a scientific essay before anyone argues) behind on the “moving on” timeline.

My advice would be to not tell anyone your status. Medical records are about as confidential as they get for a reason.

I’m in Hungary now, flew here without any testing or mask requirement, most people don’t wear masks and there’s no social distancing anywhere, it’s pretty much normal. It’s refreshing.

I wouldn’t blame you if you did.


You can’t be the captain of a Taiwan-registered boat, apparently.

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Anywhere that people are allowed to travel by train is way ahead of Canada (to say nothing of planes).


Yeah, true. I suppose that’s more political (i try not to comment on the political decisions of countries I can’t vote in {but i fail regularly}) but what disappointed me in the UK was how people started treating other people independent of any government policy (aside from the questionable marketing)

More of a societal issue than a political one in my experience.

Perhaps i’m an outlier in this instance.

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I think it’s a similar story in most western countries. :2cents:

I sat at Heathrow Airport a couple of days ago listening to an obese couple on the next table patting each other on the back for their multiply-vaccinated status, and having an extended discussion about the stupidity of some friend or relative who had (it seems) been texting them about being angry and upset at being forced into vaccination so she could go on her honeymoon abroad. A lot of this sort of thing has gone away, in my experience, but not entirely. The social fallout from this artificially-induced divisiveness will persist for a good while.

Decades, at least.


This sounds terrible. Please take care.


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