North Korean Military Reconnaissance Satellite 1 Launch

First posted 4 March 2023; Updated 4 March 2023

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. First announcement
  4. Specs
  5. Forecast
  6. Conclusion

1. Introduction

April is the time of the year when traditionally North Korea launches its satellites.

This year, a space launch already announced in December 2022 will see this nation attempt to place a military satellite into orbit.

If ‘Military Reconnaissance Satellite 1’ ( 군사정찰위성 1호: Kunsajongch’arwisong-1 Ho) is successful, it will be the first functional one.

Indeed, Pyongyang has already placed 2 earth observation satellites of 100 kg and 200 kg into SSO orbit but both failed to return any useful data.

2. Background

None of the 5 satellites launched by North Korea to date have been confirmed to work properly.

• 31 AUG 1998|12:07 The first attempt to launch from the Tonghae SLC a North Korean satellite ended in vain, as the third stage of the Paektusan-1 launch vehicle failed shortly before it reached orbital velocity. Kwangmyongsong 1 (광명성 1) would have beamed songs from space, if it had reached a stable orbit.

• 5 APR 2009|11:20 Kwangmyongsong 2 (광명성 2) was the second North Korean attempt from the Tonghae SLC for a satellite to reach orbit. It reportedly carried a communication payload was to reach a 490 km × 1426 km × 40.6° orbit, but was lost in the first and second stages separation failure of the Unha-2 launch vehicle.

• 13 APR 2012|7:38:55 Kwangmyongsong 3 was launched on an Unha-3 rocket from the Sohae Satellite Center. Due to first stage guidance system failure, the launch was aborted by self-destruct.

• 12 DEC 2012|09:49:46 A second flight model of the satellite, Kwangmyongsong 3 Unit 2, was successfully launched in December 2012, but it has been tumbling since its launch and no transmission signals have ever been detected coming from the satellite despite North Korean claims to the contrary.

• 7 FEB 2016|09:00 Kwangmyongsong 4 launched on a Kwangmyongsong rocket (Unha-4) from the Sohae Satellite Center. It entered a sun-synchronous orbit of 465 km × 501 km with an inclination of 97.5°. No signals have been detected from the satellites by external observers.

• TBD Kwangmyongsong 5 (광명성 5) is a planned North Korean satellite. Reportedly the satellite is equipped with cameras and telecommunication devices. In late 2017, it was reported, that the Kwangmyongsong 5 satellite had been completed.

3. First announcement

4. Specs

What can be expected? A SSO orbit of about 450 km to 500 km launched from Sohae SLC seems reasonable for a military reconnaissance satellite.

The launcher might be the already proven Unha-class SLV, unless National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) wants to risk its payload on a never tested next generation heavier SLV.

This new SLV would be made of the Hwasongpho-17 as first stage, with the Hwasongpho-15 as a second stage. An upper stage such as the Saman-1 could be used.

With a Unha SLV, the mass of the satellite could be expected below the 500 kg mark.

With a Hwasongpho-17/Hwasongpho-15 combination SLV, the payload could reach the 2000 kg.

5. Forecast

We will use a powerful tool to predict the outcome of this 6th North Korean attempt at placing a functional satellite into orbit!

‘Videomancy’ is a cutting-edge predictive OSINT science focussed on finding clues for future world events through the study of hints intentionally leaked in movies, TV serials, documentaries and other video media.


Here the key word is found to be I love you, je t’aime.

Please pay attention, as this step is very important.

This hint indicates that in this new era, starting from now onward, the key to success is determined by the love for one’s daughter.

It differs from the previous 1970s generation precocious 11 year-old children genius, preferably male.

In line with the new girl empowerment era.

We see that in this movie, Bye Bye Jupiter さよならジュピター (1984), the savior of mankind, Carlos Angeles the JS Project Reaction Team Lead is a 11 years old boy.

Now let us examine the North Korean case.

On the occasion of the test-fired a new-type ICBM on 18 November 2022, the official press was quoted as saying:

5. ‘Together with his beloved daughter’.

6. ‘Together with his beloved daughter’.

7. ‘Together with his beloved daughter’.


6. Conclusion

All indicate that if Kim Ju Ae the beloved daughter guides the coming April space launch, the mission should be a success.

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So you think because one bloke said something in a movie in 2020…that is the reason why Kim Jong Un is with his daughter during ICBM launches?

Do you believe we are in some sort of Matrix?

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Tough guys such as David Blaine and powerful head of state like Kim Jong Un could have brought their sons in their workplaces.

Kim Jong Il used to follow Kim Il Sung and learn from him the job of stateman.

Then in turn, we saw Kim Jong Un following his father Kim Jong Il during his rounds of on-the-spot field guidance.

But today, it seems that the successors will be indeed all female. Future stuntwomen and Great Women-Leaders.

This is absolutely new. A world lead by women. Valkyrie and Amazons.

In a nutshell, if one wants to reach the sky, one will need the help of a woman.

Because what, only she can keep the lizard people at bay?

Hell Comes to Frogtown - Wikipedia.

Specs of the launcher

|2| |3| North Korean Hwasongpho-17/Hwasongpho-15 combination SLV (left) vs South Korean KSLV2 (Nuri) SLV.

|2| |3| North Korean space launchers. 2020

Possible introduction of a new launcher hinted in this article:

This seems not so far-fetched, as depiction of North Korean lunar base have already been revealed in the recent past:

Unequivocal landmark:

|2| |3| The Ryugyong Hotel 330-metre-tall pyramid-shaped skyscraper in Pyongyang, North Korea.

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Holy shit. North Korea has discovered how to build a pyramid.

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This should better be posted in:

but you’ll get the message.

|2| |3| |1| |2| Drawing by Alan Dunn, 1950, the New Yorker Magazine.

|2| Official Indochinese tribute to the winner of 7th May 1954 Dien Bien Phu Battle with Street lamp post as a FUGO hovering over the world, notice the purple death ray.

|2| Screenshot from Korean Central Television animated movie of piloted FUGO powered by lightning energy.

Notice the difference:

In the U.S., Aliens are represented as UNID from outer space.

While in North Korea, they are actually representing themselves piloting those FUGOS!

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|2| |3| ‘I can beat absolutely anyone… But that thing…’

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