Nostalgia | How long has it been since you last

Very easy, answer the last question, post a new one, such as “How long has it been since you last [insert an activity common in the past but not any longer today]”.

I will start with:

How long as been since you last used a fax machine?


Before 2010 - the payroll department where I worked until then had a fixation with them, supposedly a fax copy was ok but a PDF one wasnt !!!

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Mid to late 90s. I wrote for Global Village and faxed it to them. I have no idea what I wrote on.

Never used one.

I remember when sending fax via Windows became a thing. There was a software for that.

Next question?

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You are such chickling

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Not even close, fax became useless as soon as Email was a thing.

How long have it been since you last used a pay phone?

At least 5, maybe 7 years.

I used to collect phone cards left on public phones. That lasted until the last of the SEA caretakers had bought a cell phone.

Wanna trade? :nerd_face:

How long has it been since you last watched TV in black and white?

In the 1990s, my family had a second home near the sea. We didn’t have much money, so we settled for a black and white TV for that house. The last time I used it must have been about 25 years ago.

For some reason, I now find it hard to believe that black and white TVs were still on sale in most electronic shops at around the same time the original PlayStation was making its mark on the world.

How long has it been since you last rewinded a video tape?


I think I have never ever done that… Ha ha ha

How long has it been since you last used a Walkman?

I remember having a B&W TV in the mid-80s, but by that time it was only Clive Sinclair who thought there was any mileage left in the concept.

Any B&W TVs being sold in 1995 would have been of the ‘portable’ type, I guess, because until about 1990 there was no such thing as a TFT display capable of video frame rates; B&W TVs were smaller, lighter and less power-hungry than a full-colour one.

I am trying to remember what my first DVD was and my last VHS. I have to say it was probably sometime around 1999-2000 when I last rewound a video tape.

I didn’t have the fancy rewinder, my family found it quite unnecessary when you had that function on the VCR. Oh man, this bring back memories of the Panasonic VCR we had and the sounds it would make when I put the cassette through the slot and the forwarding/rewinding/stopping.

Simpler times.

How long has it been since you last used a CD player or Walkman?

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I actually tried to use a CD player not too long ago to play some audio books on CD, unfortunately, it’s probably corrugated inside.

I have a portable Sony cassette player that probably does not work either any more.

How long hast it been since you last used a pager?

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Last week.


For a while, I used pay phones whenever I had too many NT$1 dollar coins in my pocket. Not anymore, though.

We probably bought the black-and-white TV in '94 or possibly '95. I don’t remember it being particularly novel and I distinctly remember the shop having a B&W TV section. I think it was a normal thing people bought back then for their spare TV.

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That really surprises me!
Any interesting story behind it?

I’ve been looking for one actually. I have some old Dead bootlegs on cassette tape from a taper friend…one in which I can actually hear myself clearly whoohoo during a 1989 China Cat>>Rider in Oakland, CA during the New Year’s run.

I was actually still listening to music from an actual CD player until a year ago, but I recently sold all my CDs to make space and because high-quality streaming has come so far these last few years that I can’t actually tell the difference on my speakers anymore. I’m not an audiophile, I just like having physical media. But I just can’t justify owning CDs anymore.

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