Nostalgia | How long has it been since you last

a few months ago. Maybe 3?


Like simultaneously? Multi-fasking, huh?

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I use a CD player everyday!
Too lazy to transfer all my CD collection to digital format.


I last sent a fax 2 years ago in Canada. To a government department, as requested. It was a WTAF moment.

I use a CD player every time I drive my car.

When was the last time you sent an aerogramme?


Personally: never but I think my gramps send one while being a pow.

It’s funny to think that 1995 was 25 years ago. That’s the same time period that elapsed between men landing on the moon and the day you were shopping for a B&W TV :slight_smile:

Things have changed a hell of a lot since then.

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The Fax is still strong on this island.

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Not sure if WeFax counts…
How long it has been since you last used a film camera?

Does pow mean what I think it means? Prisoner of War

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I am trying to remember what my first DVD was and my last VHS. I have to say it was probably sometime around 1999-2000 when I last rewound a video tape.

I didn’t have the fancy rewinder, my family found it quite unnecessary when you had that function on the VCR. Oh man, this bring back memories of the Panasonic VCR we had and the sounds it would make when I put the cassette through the slot and the forwarding/rewinding/stopping.

Simpler times.

How long has it been since you last used a CD player or Walkman?
[/quote] Yesterday

Anyone own one of these? I think we had one around 1986. Was such an effort to program it to record on the correct time you wanted.

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Yes it does

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These are sure thing sellers at estate sales. I think they’re great for kids. No searching NF or HBO or Disney. You slap in a VHS tape and you get what you got. Simple.

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Still have mine. Unfortunately, I no longer own the weird cult films that were never released on DVD that I used to have, some of which are now worth a lot of money.

That can get you a used car.


Did you ever become proficient at programming it? :slight_smile:

6 hours, bloody Japanese…


They still like to do the fakusu?


Beginning of this year. :rofl: