Not getting matches on Tinder :(

Hi everyone!

I am 18 now, so obviously, I downloaded Tinder. The thing is I am not getting many matches, or at least not as many as I expected. Does anyone have any tips on what makes a good profile or what’s going to get me more matches. Also, how do I deal with the whole not speaking English thing? Advice is much appreciated.

Cheers guys.

Oh boy



I’m not judging you or anything. Just listing some factors that might help in your favour.

Learning Chinese.
Neat pictures and look work well.
Ageing a bit and waiting a couple years. 18 means that a LOT of girls are going to be older than you are are not likely going to want to go with someone barely legal and inexperienced.

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You need good pictures to tell a story of who you are.

It goes sometimes like this off the top of my head.

My formula in the past that works.

  1. Pictures with friends, some female and good looking is preferred. To show you’re not a loser or a creep.
  2. One playing sports is always good. Women tend to like athletic men.
  3. One or a few on vacation in cool places to show you’re adventurous.
  4. Pictures with animals or babies. This one always gets them.
  5. One with a well fitted suit to show you also can be serious.
  6. Something that show off your body if you have one. But not a shirtless pic unless maybe it’s at the beach with friends. Nothing too obvious like you’re just trying to show abs. Assuming you have abs.

Most guys look so boring, even if they’re decent to good looking.


Most people on this forum have a body.


Cleavage. Cleavage is the key.


Because girls get like 1000x more matches than guys do. So your chances of landing relationships through any online platform is very slim.

For same sex it’s definitely easier but not opposite sex.

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Get a haircut, punk.


Cleavage is most definitely not a key if you’re a guy :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re wrong. If your a guy and you have a cleavage to show off, you must be HOT. Or fat . In that case you might wanna cover your cleavage :joy:


Say you’re 20 on your profile. It’s a white lie at this age. You can clarify after a couple dates and say you mistyped “18.” :man_shrugging:


Show you been to over 10 countries and speak multiple languages or atleast be white


Make sure they know that
-youre fluent in sarcasm
-fur daddy of a heckin’ cute pupperino
-know how to assemble IKEA furniture

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You don’t need apps or any Chinese ability, just head to Wave with some of your mates on a weekend and take your pick…

110, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Songshou Road, 12號7樓
0911 439 897

No :sunglasses:

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OK…dye it blond?

Also no



What’s wrong with him!