Not getting matches on Tinder :(

His nose apparently


Is it wrong to want to have boob sex with a man?


I am curious as to why there’s such a spike of trolls around here.

Too much cleavage for my taste :joy:

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Or you could skip all the effort and show what really matters…

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Certain bait does attract certain fish.

The trick to tinder is to swipe right to everything, this way you don’t waste much time on it. Then when you get matched, filter down on the ones you want.



Nope. If you swipe right on everyone, Tinder’s algorithm will penalize you by showing you to fewer people.

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So what really matters? Looking like Robert Downey Jr. or making it rain?

In Taiwan, making it rain.

Lol. But to be honest, if you have the face and body of Robert Downey Jr. , I don’t think you’d need the rain :joy: and this is universal :joy: :joy:

How do you be subtle about being rich without attracting too many sugar babies but rather the hot innocent skinny Taiwanese type girls?

Also Taiwan is ranked 4th on global wealth. None of us are really rich unless you have 100m+ networth and there’s plenty of Taiwanese ppl in that area. That one mushroom shaped building in xinyi has apartments selling for 100m usd each unit.

You’d be surprised. Money and social status is big in East Asia. Good-looking, fit men who are losers (or who are far from winners) will get passed over by many of the most desirable women.

I AM surprised!!! I’d gladly date Robert Downey Jr. even he’s poor. Might even pay for him lol

Perhaps I’m not desirable enough… :cry:

In your case, don’t complain about paying $150 NT for a bottle of apple cider vinegar. Stinginess is not an aphrodisiac.

Jokes aside, a lot of those “hot innocent skinny Taiwanese type girls” aren’t always as innocent as you want to believe.


Date him or sleep with him?

Don’t second guess yourself. He only said

not all. :innocent:

I’m sure you’re quite desirable.

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I’d do both if he provides clean STD test results. I mean with that look…

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Oh my! What a gentleman (///▽///)