NT$10 Ice Cream

Ikea Kaoshiung NT$10 soft serve vending machines, insert NT$10 in a slot, then cone comes out the bottom, then filled with soft serve (creamy good), Not sure other Ikea’s have this.

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Yeah, the Taipei Songshan branch has it too. Never tried it though.

It’s a nationwide thing AFAIK. They have it at the Xinzhuang branch. Not bad in a vacuum. Much better at $10

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Its been there for quite a while. Personally i have a problem with absolute crap quality items for human consumption (they might call it “food”) and absolutely rich ass companies trying to shave pennies off their profits by not hiring people.

Im not craving diabetes so badly that i need to support ruining our economy.

Not sure why people dont think about this obvious problem but in 15 years people look back and also agree. Then wonder, why.

Ps. Anything for $10 and claims to contain milk is either lieing or out to cut off local competition.

But…but…it sure does taste good.

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So said the guy buying $10 rocks.

15 years bro. The “But it’s _______” excuse will be looked back at in history books as you are a selfish prick.

Ja, Taoyuan branch has it too. It’s good.

I don’t get this. Please explain.

If you like that, try the ten dollar ice cream in the night markets.
You insert coin spin the wheel and get either a one, two, three or five scoop cone. Our vendor never gives less than 2 scoops.
I shunned it for years until a local friend insisted that I try it.
Surprisingly good. Especially the local flavors like passion fruit.

We live right by the Xindian branch, so whenever I stop in, I get a cone. For 10ntd, it’s surprisingly delicious.

Oh yeah I’m sure that’s (not) a very clean and hygienically maintained machine.

I’ve tried and good but I prefer $18 same size Mcdonalds ice cream at Carrefour.
Had a beautiful Turkish ice cream cone at Tam sui last week but was 50nt!!

Micky D’s ice cream is also really good. I had the BK version and it was nowhere near as good.

Almost all economist disagree with you. Automation will be great for the economy and most likely lead to more equality. The transition will of course be slightly bumpy. But it’s a great thing overall.

Free from menial tasks, people will have to freedom to pursue even greater endeavors.

But they deep sixed their sundaes and shakes in Taiwan when local ownership took over.


Damn you. I forgot all about milkshakes.
I’m getting my blender out later.

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In the past (not sure about the post-chocolate sundae era!) McDonald’s in Taiwan got their ice cream from Imei.

If you want to take things to the next level, stop by an Imei shop with an ice cream machine. Ask for milk flavour (niunai binggan). Your life in Taiwan will never be the same. : D


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I will vouch for imei.
They are legit when it comes to soft serve ice cream. I like their half and half.


:woozy_face: Frantically searching Google maps for the nearest shop.