NWOHR not qualified for Residence Certificate

Just wanna ask if how can I get a job here in Taiwan if I’m not qualified to get a Residence Certificate but I already have a Taiwan Passport? We went to the immigration and they said that I can’t have a Residence Certificate because my mom was not yet a Taiwan citizen when I was born. Can I still apply for a residence certificate in the future on my own and how can I work here in Taiwan?

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Does your passport have an ID Number in it?

No, I don’t have an ID. Only Taiwan Passport without household registration. I’m really confuse because I’m not qualified for residence certificate

That seems really weird, because you already have a Taiwanese passport.

Is your dad Taiwanese too?

No. my mom is the only Taiwanese citizen and Yes, they are really weird. Its too problematic. I don’t know if how can I get a job here because they said they will not give me a residence certificate

I think you’d need to get a company to sponsor your work permit, after which you’d get a TARC.

But this is the extent of my knowledge.


this seems a case for @tando knowledge


I’m also thinking of that too. I will try to apply here hopefully they can help me. Thanks for the info!

Residence certificate as in permanent residence (定居)?

Mom not yet a Taiwan citizen as in she wasn’t a national or did not have her household registration (HHR/戶籍/定居) yet?

if it’s a problem of mom not having HHR yet you may be looking at getting a TARC first (居留證)and spending a year on that first. If it’s your mom not having Taiwanese nationality yet you may want to elaborate more on it.

You are a NWOHR without residency privileges in Taiwan, which means you do not qualify to live here. You may only stay for 90 days per visit, and you are treated as a tourist.

If you would like to live and work here, you will need to apply for a work permit through an employer, just like foreigners do.

What’s your other country? Do you have a university degree?

I think there’s an exemption for those who currently have a lineal relative with a HHR. TS may want to ask about that.

Employment Services Act Art 51-1-3

I’m only going off of the information that OP gave here, which is that they only qualified for NWOHR through a NWOHR parent.

Obviously there are many ways a NWOHR may qualify for residency.

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Im applying for TARC. My mom is not yet a Taiwanese citizen when I was born. She got her Taiwan ID when I was 3 years old I think.

But she was already a NWOHR when you were born, correct?

I’m thinking about that too. I’m hopeless right now

I’m from the Philippines’. A Graduate of BS Biology. I also have a teaching license


My mom already have a household , Taiwan ID since I’m 3 years old

Did you mother naturalize as a Taiwanese citizen after you were born? (From another nationality)

Or was she a NWOHR Taiwanese when you were born?

How did you get NWOHR status?

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Great! It sounds like you’d be able to find a teaching job relatively easily and get that TARC and work permit.