Objectivity and bias in media

ah, suddenly it’s just a joke, eh? good one, very convincing.

i seem to recall not seeing you around here for a few weeks after that, then you came back with a lot of deliberate haiku

We were actually interested in the naked hypocrisy of NPR, as pointed out by Taibbi and those young people that quit the hill. i’m also not a shapiro fan. the only one sharing daily wire articles here has been… you.

As soon as I saw the title i thought ‘robin diangelo’; so, actually a great title assuming the reader has basic information on the topic and isn’t just parroting NPR talking points they don’t really understand…

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Rand Paul is a well known expert when it comes to covid of the eyes, I suppose. But otherwise yeah, he’s a hack. Nothing wrong with calling a hack a hack, he’s been at it some time, a dedicated little toupee, that one.

Holding public officials to account…yes, in @mups’ book this makes you a hack. This does seem to fit in well with your other “opinions” though, like “trust the intelligence agencies.” They’d never lie to us, right? :laughing:

No, sometimes you can just smell the agenda, Rand is especially bad at it. People always eager to launch into agendas are like that, very unnatural in debate and conversation, trying to project things onto others, etc. :sweat_smile: :nose:

Yes indeedy…


So what was it you were saying about my favorite media sources again? I remember you commenting on knowing what they were. Must have missed the deets. :film_projector:

I have faith one day you will follow up on the nebulous comments, along with the rest of the fire brigade. :fire_engine:

The details, frankly, are irrelevant. Like I said before, the ones that taught you to trust the alphabet agencies. Which should tell you that you need better news sources. I have no doubt that you’re not getting the message though.

Of course they are, now that I asked you to elaborate.

I’ll give you credit, you know how to talk the talk. :yawning_face:

Compare to Don Lemon’s take

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Two different realities. And by coincidence, Lemon’s take corresponds perfectly with @mups’ take. :thinking:

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I don’t really like Lemon, I’ve actually pointed this out before several times. But I know your attention is selective so I’ll let it slide. :sweat_smile:

But still some people can agree on some things.

One need not be a genius, to spot an idiot. :bowing:

You don’t have to like him to parrot him. :parrot:

Easy, because it’s a political hot potato. Trump has no power to influence anything regarding changes in vaccination policy. Why bother with it?

Oh stop. Let’s just go with Joe makes shit up as he goes along because he looks down on the common folk and refuses to do his homework unless it’s the night before the exam.

Nothing but personal attacks. blahblahblah

Just like those FBI agents could smell to Trump voters huh?

We all have our biases. When five people you seem to enjoy chatting with say, hey man, you’re being way too biased here, you might want to step back before you the next hundred mile an hour reponse-dig.

And you never answered a question posed thrice now: Is English your first language? I ask because you seem to miss a LOT of nuance in what Trump, Biden and others say and what they mean. It would make sense. My wife is Taiwanese and her sense of humor in English is crap for example. Just curious, but an answer to the question would be helpful. :wink:

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My belittling a public figure might seem like a personal attack if one were in love with Rand Paul, I suppose. Which in fairness, would blind one to his obvious bullshit.

Here’s a more relevant question…have you ever noticed when I belittle a public figure like Paul, or Shapiro, this happens, almost always from the usual suspects?

Patterns have not mouths, yet they speak in volumes. :bowing:

But how can I parrot someone I actively avoid?

The irony is, you seem to really be on top of everything Lemon is up to. :sweat_smile:

By that standard you’re a bigger fan than I. I still don’t want to listen to Lemon, but respect your media choices. :peace_symbol:

Yes that’s the crux of many of your ahem arguments.

I’m not sure what confuses you about the difference between argument and observation, but there are books for that.

My neighbors kid is like that. I’ll try and just ignore you without being rude then. It works with Susie. :laughing:

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You may want to ask yourself why you find it to be such a challenge in the first place.

Again if you’re confused like her, think on it.