Oh, Canada!


Not a good trend here…

Doxxing, suing and rampant hypocrisy. Those who can’t prevail in an argument try to silence their critics by force. All under cover of preventing “foreign interference… among other things.”

Whenever someone says “among other things” you can bet that the other things are what it’s really all about, and what they dare to specify is just an excuse.

At least Venezuela is warm.

Bonus: he calls Canadians parasites, and gives reasons for doing do. Of course he means that in a collective sense, not a comprehensive one.

Terrance and Philip unavailable for comment.


As many issues as I have with the great white north, gotta say that article is sh*t…


Aha! “The Conservative Treehouse” is correct on many issues and has helped to reveal information critical to understanding the background of the Trayvon Martin case and for clarifying Trump’s positive policies and him some endorsement (who knows how much influence that site has). They can be “conspiracy orientated” but often do uncover useful and “under the rug” information.

Trudeau is a socialist hack. I have no Canadian friends who voted for him. I’d rather have the late Jacques Parizeau à la “l’argent et des votes ethniques” as PM. Vive le québec libre, by the way. So surprised I’m not so popular on Formosa or in real life.

//Waiting attacks


That may be true but it’s written and edited as well as my late night posts here on a shitty phone with intoxicated autospell enabled. If things look like kids write them, they won’t be taken serious by anyone that is serious.

Yes, I see the the irony in my post…Point is still valid though.


Trudeau has found himself in a bit of hot water. Will he still run for re-election? Will he last long enough to still be Prime Minister when elections come about in October? Will he even last until the end of the month?


I hope he stays in power. He’s provided us with so much entertainment over the past few years.


It will be interesting, because on the one hand it’s seems pretty clear he crossed the line. Quick summary, he repeatedly tried to get his AG to back off from prosecuting a multi billion dollar company related to a bribery case and then fired her when she wouldn’t. The firing is implied and concluded by the demoted AG but denied by Trudeau.

Then again he is part of the progressive left, which is insufferably stubborn, slow to understand and unwilling to reach compromises. I have a feeling it might take a while before reality sets in.


He’ll be out this year. Now that my franchise has been restored, I’m going to the CTOT to reregister to vote.


Is there any proof besides the words of someone he fired recently? She isn’t exactly an impartial party.
Genuine question, your post is the sum of all information I have about this matter.


That’s a fair question. It seems a second member of his cabinet resigned over this claiming Trudeau’s government has lost its moral compass.



He gave us “because it’s current year”, the wheelchair memes, the selfie memes, the cuckoldry memes…

He’s a great source of entertainment!


Don’t forget the cultural dress memes!

I would never forgive my father if he made me do that PLUS it’s all over the internet for everyone to see.