On free speech and punching.


Andrew is right that JP is influential.

Fact: JP is admired enough by certain people that he de facto earns a second salary through Patreon. (This is not an endorsement of Patreon btw.)

Fact: JP tries to divert young men from the lure of the alt-right.

Opinion: JP constantly looks angry, like one day he upset a fairy who cursed him to spend the rest of his life looking angry, and only the kiss of a princess can free him. :idunno:




You still haven’t responded to this.


Either way, kindly refrain yourself from mentioning me in these discussions here again. Frankly not interested (running out of ways to say this). When you want to talk movies though, you’re welcomed to come up to me anytime.

And now back to my regularly scheduled programming…


:+1:. Btw, that Peterson guy isn’t completely 100% insane, from what I’ve know he does make some attempt to be educated. Anyway, that’s all I have to say about him.

P.P.S. Be careful about projecting. If you want a reason for headache and argue, you’re going to find it.


The alt right, on the other hand, look like they’re having fun.

The Tea Party were pissed off, and with good reason. The Trumpistas are beyond pissed off into No Fucks Given territory. That’s where you leave the storm clouds below you and cruise at altitude.

Jordan Peterson seems to be in the late graciously-putting-up-with-shit-from-your-lessers stage. Once he’s passed that, he’ll be a lot happier.

It’s not enough to be right about how things should be. You also need to be right about how to make things the way they should be. This is where the Tea Party fell short. This is where the Freedom Caucus messes up. And Libertarians are especially clueless on this point.

But The Donald seems to get it. And he’s obviously enjoying himself.


In other words… Donald is the princess! :heart_eyes: :frog: :crown: :princess:

Well done, Rowland. Now we need your help in the Temp forum because your new disciple Comrade Politbureau is dissing the Anglo-Saxons…


more and more people are seeing the hypocrisy of the “new wave feminism” and the negative effect it’s having on many aspects of society. The whole movement will die off soon, and what will be left will be some land whales and white knights looking like court jesters while screaming at the sky:“The patriarchy!!”.


Where logic and reason is put aside for feelings. Although most social movements are benevolent by nature, they’ve become almost totalitarian in their solution. We have to say this, we can’t say this. This is brave, we can’t criticize this. We can’t have an opinion other than the popular one and speak the truth without everyone just going crazy and almost trying to destroy your credibility. I just want people to think for their own and be able to speak about topic and disagree without the fear of being completely getting shut down. Or what you’ve done and said to me, just don’t talk and listen.

Then don’t respond. You replied 2x to me. Even dropped a picture so your words say I’m not interested but you keep coming back.

Well I can’t use my mod powers and make a separate thread like you can I?


Some people are plagued by a sense of duty mixed with a high standard of politeness. It can be lethal. :eek:

You can always make a new thread if you want. If you think a thread should be split, you can flag it or pm your local mod.


Don’t mistake kindness and courtesy for interest. It was an encouragement for you to spend more of this internet debating time into physically supporting and aiding your beliefs.

Lol. I’m sure you know the answer, but ok I’ll play with you on this: Click on “+ New Topic”. Or:


You can always wish someone a pleasant day. Works best with an emoji! :slight_smile: :rainbow: :bowing:


I do that all the time. Have a good day!


I don’t buy your bullshit condescending kindness. Plenty people tag or reply to me and I don’t respond because I don’t care.

More of your condescending bullshit kindness. Call us even, you split a thread just entirely for us. I tagged you once, you don’t have to respond you realize that?

Have a good day



Where’s your critical thinking skill now? Anyway, I should get back to my hotel.

I did, most definitely. You, too! :wink:

:joy: :joy:
Oh golly. Disappointing and somewhat sad, ain’t it?


Well, that’s an improvement. Now I’m not being accused without evidence of being an Anglo-Saxon supremacist. I’ve been promoted – without any evidence of course – to merely “dissing Anglo-

At the rate this is going I predict that in ten years there’s a good chance you’ll be accusing me of things I’m actually guilty of.


Btw I hope no-one gets the idea that I only wish someone a pleasant day when I can’t think of anything nice to say. For me it’s a multi-purpose wish. :slight_smile:

Andrew, I’m not sure which thread was which, but normally we only handle threads in our own forums (i.e. legal for me, politics for Mick, and so on). Rocko’s field is the arts, so it was probably someone else who split the other thread.



I already explained it in the other thread, but to clarify:

When you say things like “Rowland was right all along – it’s every tribe for itself!” that may lead people to think you agree with Rowland about “tribal” issues.

It’s like, X is a controversial figure (fill in the blank). X was right all along. Yet I don’t agree with X. Okay, great. But if you omit that last part you can’t really be surprised that people think you do agree with X, can you?

I’m honestly glad to know you’re not an Anglo-Saxon supremacist and will refer to you as Rollo’s renegade-disciple-who-eschews-racism from now on. :slight_smile: :peace_symbol:


And I’m honestly glad you don’t beat your wife.

That’s a logical fallacy but I’m not going to bother digging up which one it is. It’s like swatting horse flies at this point.

(He accused me of being a horse fly!)


For me it’s a combination of both: voting with my feet and voting for the orange-haired village idiot.


Who temped that thread? :thinking: :mag: :male_detective: