On sexual crimes and false accusations

There’s a special place in Hell for those that make false rape/sex assault allegations. They not only destroy the lives of those falsely accused, but make a mockery of the pain and trauma real assault victims go through. Unfortunately the media refuses to take the issue of fake accusations seriously because it conflicts with their woke “believe all women” agenda. There’s no longer a presumption of innocence until proven guilty.


In this case the accusers were guys.

Still applies. Believe all accusers then.

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What’s particularly awful is the Royal Ballet ordered an independent investigation which found there were

"no matters to pursue” in relation to students

But he still got blacklisted. To the point where dance companies refused to perform his works, even if he wasn’t involved in the production.

So, why bother with investigating anyone accused if their lives and careers are going to be destroyed regardless of whether they are cleared or not? It’s unbelievably vindictive and goes against all due process.


Shades of this.

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I was thinking in terms of Oscar Wilde’s show trial. Definite echoes of 1895 in this case.

Wilde kind of brought it on himself. That is in no way to suggest that Wilde should have been treated as he was, but this case was a bit different.

Well yeah … he did rather take delight in rubbing the authorities up the wrong way. But the way he was “cancelled” has definite parallels with what’s happening today. And Britain now appears to have lost a unique talent in a very similar manner.

Perhaps Alan Turing might be a better comparison.

The Guardian piece reads like he disappeared into some woke ether at the time of the accusation.


I know nothing, and have little interest in, dance choreography. But, it must have been a big loss to him to have lost his career, reputation, and I guess his art.

The main accusations against him seemed to be requesting naked photos of male dancers, which they agreed to but then complained that they felt pressured.

Didn’t Yale used to do that? Ask for nudes of all freshman?

Thing is, though, it’s a paradox: the accused (of rape etc.) is presumed innocent, but if false accusation is a crime, then the accused (of false accusation) is also presumed innocent…

The nuance of “believe victims” that gets lost in mass hype is that it isn’t supposed to be an abolition of the presumption of innocence but a culture shift away from “oh so you claim you were raped eh well what were you wearing how many drinks did you have why didn’t you keep your knees together” etc. etc., towards presuming people who report sex crimes are not liars or confabulators, the way people who report other crimes are not presumed to be liars or confabulators (unless they do it every 5 minutes).

By whom? One article implies Royal Ballet kicked him out. Another implies he chose to leave after he was cleared. :idunno:

At least two other companies canceled shows he was supposed to work on, but the details are vague. The Australian one said it was unable to comment for legal reasons. :idunno:

As a general statement (not about Mr. Scarlett because I don’t know the details), sometimes actions are legal but sleazy/sketchy/dodgy/nasty/bad – the kind of stuff that could result in an official “no further matters to pursue” type decision yet not put the not-being-pursued person into a position of being able to sue anyone for false accusation. Along the lines of you have amazing talent and we value you, but we also value these other people who also have amazing talent, and some of them can’t stand you, so on balance we have a lot of trouble justifying keeping you here like this. Would you want to keep an employee in a situation like that?


That would explain why accusers are allowed to remain anonymous while those accused of rape are publicly named.

Perhaps he was a dodgy old queen. I used to work for one. However, the facts are:

  1. Allegations were made about him.
  2. He was cleared of these allegations. Possibly because the allegations were untrue. Possibly because “no further matters to pursue”.
  3. He then stopped working for some reason. Perhaps he wasn’t blacklisted and was taking a rest.
  4. The day after his final performance was cancelled (because of the allegations) he appears to have topped himself.

But even if the allegations were true, how serious were they? He asked grown men to send him nude photos and touched some guy’s arse. Are people unable to deal with this nowadays? Has an entire generation lost its balls?


Asking for nudes and fondling people ?
Were those people working for him.?
Was he the gatekeeper for their careers ?

He only has himself to blame then that his own career was ruined.


He’s been permanently cancelled now.

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He cancelled himself to be fair.
He screwed up his own career . What he did he could get away with in the old days but not now . Rightfully so.
He had a choice to do something else.

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He was cleared.

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do you also say
He asked grown women to send him nude photos and touched some girl’s arse. Are people unable to deal with this nowadays?

They didn’t pursue it further and they fired him.
He offered no statement. He could have brought them to court for unfair dismissal (it’s very easy to do in the UK) but didn’t.
In the end he messed up somewhere and should have moved on with another career.
The same thing can happen in any industry.