On TARC , what happens if my spouse dies or we get divorced?

NOT GIVING UP. That the whole point. Just temporary separation. Not too difficult to get it back tbh.

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Do you have anything to contribute?

Just because you had a bad time in Taiwan doesn’t mean others also think Taiwan is a shitty country. Many of us love this country. I love this country.

And for us, we can get it back albeit with some hassle.

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Wow thank you so so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Haha, well I am Italian , my parents are from locate but I grew up in Germany and got the German passport afterwards.
I don’t have the Italian right now :sweat:

Which passport did you enter Taiwan with?

Don’t worry. I am Canadian as well. I used my Italian passport to live in Taiwan.

I entered Taiwan with my German passport

I see. If you want my suggestion, I’d go apply for the Italian passport and then have the nationality switched at the National Immigration Agency. Even though you might not have a passport right now, you still have citizenship.

Germany doesn’t often allow dual citizenship and it’s only with other EU countries and seems to be harder to regain.

I’d go the Italian passport route. Getting a passport in Taipei for Italy is easy.

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yeah, not many Italians here, and the IETCPO is not too bad for Italian foreign offices bureaucracy.

So unbelievably fast.

And I do mean unbelievably. Rubbing my eyes it’s so unbelievable.

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They are themselves fast, problem is when they need something from any office back in Italy… That’s bogging everything down.

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Thank god that is a rarity for me.

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Lucky u, have been 2 months I have been waiting for the single status certificate

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It is allowed. And many have dual citizenship. Especially Turkish people can just get their citizenship back easily. And there are situation where juveniles can keep both citizenship’s even after becoming adults.

‘Soon’ a new law should be passed in Germany that allows immigrants to keep original citizenship after naturalization.
But it is still not an easy process to regain German citizenship when you are forced to renounce.

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Hopefully that is the case.

One question: can you switch the nationality at NIA without having to go out of the country? I entered as Chilean, but I’d like to “re-enter” as Italian because Chile doesn’t have an embassy here and doing any paperwork is a pain.

As far as I know, yes, but I haven’t tried.

We splitting on the Lawyer too? Foursies?

Huge party house in Italy for five months?


I guaranteed my freedom of Sanity.

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Hahaha, I don’t plan on naturalizing soon. But, for sure, I’d like to join the party!

Eh, I figure if we are able to get a few people to do this together, could do this very cheap.

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