Open and safe places to visit in Lvl. 3 Restrictions

Hi, can I have some recommendations for weekend. I was thinking of going to Emerald valley riverside, of course with masks and carry alcohol. Have any of you guys been somewhere recently in summers?

Carrying alcohol is an idea I can buy into.


Isn’t the place closed now?



We’re also at a loss about where to go this summer. I’ve given up on a UK return as I couldn’t handle the hotel quarantine afterwards. Everywhere in Taiwan will be fully booked.

Can’t one just quarantine at home?

Yeah, I called up to check. The place is closed :frowning:.

Any idea for a place with some waterfall or riverside ?

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My wife can’t go to the UK for work reasons. I’ve considered getting her to stay with her sister while me and my daughter quarantine at home, but I’m not sure about the legality.

However, I could not tolerate staying at home for two weeks. It would drive me mad. It’s my problem - lack of stoicism.

I’m not sure where you are based. If in the north, perhaps somewhere in Wulai?


Thanks, I’m at Hsinchu.

Hmmm! I’ve heard Indigenous communities in the mountains have been concerned about city folks showing up and potentially bringing the virus with them. So I guess no deep mountain trips in Hsinchu County (like Smagus), unless you want to get into conflicts with the locals . . .

Wulai could still work, but it’d be a long day trip from Hsinchu.


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Central and Southern Taiwan.

Oh!? So many idiot people?

Do you think not?

I can understand spreading love, but not spreading a virus.

I’m talking about July and August when some vaccines should have come through to those at risk. However, you are correct that nobody should go anywhere, dine in restaurants etc in order to be 100 percent safe of a terribly dangerous virus.

Maybe rent some cabin in woods on Airbnb? You can enjoy nature, do some barbecue and won’t encounter anyone. Unfortunately there are no many places in Taiwan that fit description but it’s possible to find. Example:

Wulai is a ghost town. Don’t go near it. Really spooky.

I know what you are doing there. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m intrigued now.

Or maybe @the_bear is trying to keep us away from it so he can have a rare opportunity to take pictures while the crowds are gone.