I`ll tell you this much. I would vote for Trump, Ronald McDonald, or a farting rhino before I would vote for Oprah. Christ – the epitome of the dumbing down of our culture combined with dumb Hollywood feel-good liberalism pushing second rate talents from Chicago.

I would say this in the women forum, a men forum, or any forum. The odours of political correctness make me want to project vomitus 100 yards.


Never happen. But I’ve said that before!

There is so much gutter info on her before she made it big. Would be a Republican operative`s dream LOL.

Excuse me, this whole thing is stupid.

Like I said in the Trump thread, it appears that the only way to defeat a billionaire reality TV star with no political experience is with another billionaire reality TV star with no political experience.


What a lovely smile!

That’s so last century. It’s called street cred now. :sunglasses:

On her eponymous daytime talk show — which ran from 1986 to 2011 — Winfrey routinely endorsed fake science and spiritual hucksters. She cast herself as America’s foremost secular deity and seems to still believe it. Logic and reason don’t guide Oprah Winfrey; feelings and money do. https://nypost.com/2018/01/08/no-oprah-havent-we-learned-our-lesson-with-celebrity-candidates/

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You make her sound like the current president, except she speaks better. Maybe they can join forces like Trump originally envisioned.

Many people in the US only seem to see the glamour side of being the President. There is so much boring work to do behind the scenes. Don’t think Oprah or Trump or any other of these celebrities are equipped to do that part of the job.

I think there should be some preconditions in place for becoming a candidate for President/Vice President to avoid that popularity alone is getting someone elected.

How about every candidate needs to have served at least one full term as: mayor of a big city (population of 1 million or more), governor of a state, senator, member of congress or head of a major department in the federal government (like Secretary of State).

The Sarah Palins and Rick Perrys would still qualify, but at least there would be no fantasies about TV-show hosts, Hollywood stars, and recording artists.

Personally, I’d take Trump over just about any Congress critter. There’s a reason their approval rating has been known to drop into the single digits.

OK, let’s take senators and congresspeople out. At least candidates should have some experience heading a government, and a track record of decision making and improving the lives of their constituents.

So someone like Obama would not have been able to become president.


OK, let’s re-include senators and congresspeople…

Anyone who has ever held a job outside of being a politician is probably a better pick than the career politicians. I love Oprah. I’m not sure if she would be mean enough to make hard decisions but who knows? Never say never.

I don’t get that argument. In any other field this would be laughable.

Anyone who has ever held a job outside the medical profession is probably a better pick than the career doctors to run this hospital.

Anyone who has ever held a job outside banking is probably a better pick than the career bankers to run this financial institution.

Anyone who has ever held a job outside aviation is probably a better pick than the career pilots to run this airline.

If there is something wrong with career politicians, how about fixing what is wrong with the system to allow these career politicians to exist, instead of sorting to hit or miss approaches with popular no-experience-whatsoever outsiders.


I think that in a democracy, the idea is to let the people decide who is or isn’t qualified. Otherwise, you just have a technocracy.

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There is something wrong with the career politicians who have no outside accomplishments. There is something to be said for outside objective viewpoints to move away from group think. For example, the banking system is archaic here in Taiwan. I don’t think a leader from inside the banking system would have the ability to improve the system.

I’m not against subject matter experts. I want the best surgeon to operate on my eyes.
I’m just against Republican and Democrat career politicians who refuse to do their job which is to negotiate and make tradeoffs for the betterment of the country.

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First of all, you’re confusing “legislating” with “governing”, actually two very different things.

Second, you may want to rethink your arguments.
Hospitals and airlines aren’t “run”, that is, administrated, by respective professionals (doctors and pilots), they’re always run by business people.