What if the problem is these career politicians have fixed the system? What should be independent checks and balances have been politicized, everything from the FBI/DOJ/IRS to MSM, set up to protect corrupt career politicians, a whole industry of think tanks and pressure groups funded by large corporations who are forever pushing for rules that make their companies more money at the expense of the people who elected these career politicians and who the elected career politician should be working for.

What if someone from the outside, with zero experience in politics comes in and does a better job than we have been seeing from career politicians and their cottage industry in Washington?

That is the question, and perhaps existential threat everyone in Washington is asking themselves. It’s also why they are going so hard after Trump. IMO anyway.


So what does Oprah bring to the table? I just don’t think it’s a good idea of having some outsider come in and train on the job. It’s this hero savior mentality seemingly so popular in the US that makes me scratch me head. This belief that one super man, or super woman can fix it all.


Look both Oprah and Trump have a history of running large companies. In terms of Executive experience, that is just as important as being a Minister, Deputy Minister, Head of Department etc. in Government Executive. I say this as someone who has management experience in government. If anything, to fight against bureaucratic stagnancy and inherent conservatism with an often left-leaning civl service, you need outsiders coming in to shake up things. There will always be friction between the drones and the political appointments. If anything, it is healthy.

What concerns me about Oprah is the double standard of the Dim-ocrats. They cry like babies about Trump not being experienced, that he can`t grasp issues etc., and then rally behind a potential candidate who championed science and spiritual hucksters on her show for decades. What absolute idiots the Democrats are. Would love to see her husband as the First Eunuch though – tres, tres, tres entertainment. :face_with_monocle::grin:


Stedman would make a great First Lady, I have to admit.


What difference does it make who we would vote for? None of us are members of the College of Cardinals.


Would it be Stedman or Gayle?


Maybe they can share the role. Together with Oprah, they could be the First Triangle. :sunglasses:


By 2020 Trump will have had 4 years presidential experience so he will be eminently more qualified and experienced than Winfrey. So, if she were to win that would be an example of the most qualified candidate being beaten by… Oh, err… We’re going to have to rethink this one.


With Stedman at the bottom–both literally and figuratively. :grin:


Come on. Do you really think she got this far in life without figuring out how to make hard decisions?

Btw I’d love to see Donnie working at 60 Minutes, to give it some extra flavor once in a while. I’m not even joking! :slight_smile:


Oprah would be just as quick to collect her Nobel Peace Prize and start murdering via drone as any other Chicago hack politician would have done, and did.

But yeah, she’ll very likely run and win in 2020.


I agree. As a neoliberal, I respect free traders and capitalists—Oprah and Trump are both. I am just shocked people think Oprah would be better than Trump. She`ll sweet talk dumb-ass Americans while sticking a knife in their back. And how is that different than most politicians? Which is why the Dems enthusiasm in entertaining.


I know she’s made hard decisions and I respect the work she’s done for others. Just my opinion, but I think you have to be a bastard to be president of the United States. Just look at how they look when they leave office…


But by that logic, doesn’t it show they just weren’t badass enough when they went in? :wink:



It’s more like “Republicans put the government in the hands of a wealthy corn nut”


I guess the cartoon works that way too. Oprah is definitely a wealthy corn nut. :sunglasses:


I’m not a big Oprah fan. But I’d take Don Knotts right now.


Just imagine a summit with President Knotts and Rocket Man. Now that would be a hoot!


They should do an Oprah song. I loved this one for Hillary—to a great Gordon Lightfoot tune. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOwSaSl_PGk