You’re missing the point. “You guys already let the cat out of the bag, so damn it, our cat is coming out too!” :heart_eyes_cat:


Kim Kardashian would be funnier. Or…how old is Honey Boo-Boo?


I hear Kim’s a Republican…


Is there anything in the Constitution to prevent a candidate from choosing a running mate with a different affiliation (or lack thereof)? :ponder:


No! There is nothing about political parties in the US Constitution.



Jen Lenks from Chicago Now wrote this in 2011.
I hope its not true and it is , supposedly , an allegation, but celebrities never cease to underwhelm .

" One particular night we gathered to pick up the spirits of our friend who had just lost a patient. We were all gabbing back and forth keeping the mood light when one friend asked if we had seen that morning’s episode of Oprah. The nurse cut her off with her firm statement, “that woman is a bitch”.

Our friend was an oncology nurse at a children’s hospital in the city. Part of her job was to make phone calls when a child’s prognosis was not good. A call was made to a celebrity for a visit, a travel agent for a trip, or a local business to provide a day of fun.

A patient on her floor, suffering from leukemia, had a last wish to visit with Oprah. I remember hearing this and shaking my head while I thought–that poor kid must have been delirious–how sick must she have been to request Oprah? The R.N. friend continued. A wish was a wish~so, she went to the rolodex and made the call.

“Allegedly” the Lady with all the looooove to spread agreed to the visit. She’d have to rearrange her schedule and get together a camera crew…hopefully they could pencil a visit in for the following week…R.N. friend stopped her right there~hospital policy was no “last wish” visits accompanied by camera crews were allowed. Long story short and needless to say, the stunt never took place.

The kid’s back-up wish was a visit from Michael Jordan. A call was made and he was there within the hour. “Allegedly”, in comparison, Jordan had his own policy…the only way he would visit the hospital to fulfill a wish was under two conditions. One: as long as he was in tri-state area…and two: as long as NO cameras were present."


I think the real underlying problem is people don’t vote, I think only around half of the voting population voted for the presidential race, i’m guessing that number is significantly lower for other positions of elected office. But is it because people feel there is a lack of efficacy, they feel their voice and vote don’t matter, there are too many issues for a person to keep track of, or the issues are too complicated for a voter to fully comprehend? I think it’s probably a combination of something. Remember not voting is technically a vote, you can count protest votes that have been rising and total abstinence which is by choice of not caring or not feeling any candidate represents them enough to vote. One has to think how legitimate a government is if only around 50% of the people voted, and what happens if that number falls.

However, maybe the way to fix or possible cause total chaos is something like twitter or facebook to vote on candidates or issues. You’ll see how many tweets there were about candidates, but i’m guessing most of them didn’t even vote. Kinda like paris hilton’s vote or die things… Everyone has a political opinion until it’s time to make it count in the ballot box.


You’re getting in touch with your inner Ko-P, are you?


The primaries were total BS. No one wanted Trump or Clinton. I was totally floored that’s who we ended up with. I know ONE person that says she voted Clinton in the primary and only a handful that voted Trump. It was a SHAM. Keep eating your Wheaties Andrew.


I was singing this when Trump won :grin: Our rights were definitely threatened by the federalism of the Hillary-beast and her lewd Saudi-born stinky-Jeddah Huma advisor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-3WAhbulFs


The race to the bottom accelerates.


Yes, if the choice is Trump versus Oprah, it sure has declined since Lincoln versus Douglas versus Breckinridge, Bell, etc. Or Truman versus Dewey, Wilson versus Charles Evan Hughes, etc. The dumbing down of the Republic combined with Millennial social media low attention spans. And I would still prefer Trump by a factor of a million over flakey Oprah.


That political paralysis, celebrity politics, polarization, dissolution of the separation of powers, desperation economic policies and hollowing out of its economy will make an interesting chapter in the History of the Decline and Fall of the American Empire when it’s written.


But if the narrative is written by social media gurus instead of Edward Gibbon-like, it will not be written as a decline. That`s the irony–these fuckwits think their culture is tres haute.:laughing:


" . . . Emperor Trump attempted to build a border wall along America’s southern border in order to stem the influx of shitholians but the Sackcloth-and-Ashes party thwarted him because it needed their political support. After a long period of uninterrupted in-migration, the situation became moot because the quality of life between the donor countries and America became nearly indistinguishable."


Um, hello? The sequel came out in 2003! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Quick, build a wall on the Atlantic coast to prevent Viking raids!

(How many times are we going to go over this? Every day for three more years? :eek:)


I think that ship has already sailed, so to speak. :sunglasses: